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Home >> Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang tour guide

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow MountainA mountain, not only shelter is a small city, also has brought up a people, gave birth to a kind of culture!

Mountain, jade dragon snow mountain; City, the ancient city of lijiang; Nation, naxi nationality; Culture, dongba culture.

Let's go to visit the source of all things, by naxi people jade dragon snow mountain as the god. Tens of kilometers, drive an unobstructed broad, with towering magnificent jade dragon snow mountain. The city itself was particularly quiet, Benz cars on the road, away from a bit noisy, close to the school open, in reverence and expectation.

Soon, we are at the haizi. Maybe here is the original water, I thought. But at the moment, not a drop of water, leaving eyeful desolate: show the vast pasture of qiu dong - the golden color; Stars, layer cascade folds, green under the cold snow mountain is quite tenaciously bushes; Looked up, blue sky without a cloud, only the mountains the moon, bright sunlight and the east, deep and clear sky above, are now in the stratosphere, the hand can pick the stars wear. Are before the eyes of foil with all this, the snow-capped mountains cragginess and up to the invasion of the divine majesty! Foothills of snow-capped mountains there are dense forests, but the whole upper mountain in nothing grows. The basalts at the bottom of black, white snow cover on it, called "black and white snow mountain". Snow mountain at the top of the cloud and mist curl up, often a color of mystery. Tall and stretches of mountains is single color, but it is like a jade dragon fly, under the pure blue screen appears particularly beautiful!

Between two mountains to keep going, soon, and we came to a narrow valley - blue moon valley. There is river, from snowy mountains, slowly into a hill, it's called white river. Here I suddenly shine at the moment, lush trees, the river many waterfalls, highlight the beautiful feeling, looking for, snow mountain peaks rise up thick clouds; Look around the mountain, a place of European style wooden house standing in the tall cedar trees, Yunnan Lijiang tours its top hung clumps of snow, the roof is covered with a thick layer of white snow, unwitting, thought it was came to the western European Alps; Stroll along the river, down the river, the river passes through themselves ladder, falling down, form a and a water play in small sizes, colorful pebbles on the waterfall is not high, but is very wide, acoustic, lijiang is in keeping with the school quiet; Water to downstream, larger, slightly wide valley, formed a slender lake, the lake blue and transparent, like pieces of blue gems, and as a curved crescent, set between two mountains, therefore had "blue moon valley" the laudatory name! Day is blue, the water is blue, the fairy-tale beauty, full of charming dream color, is it not the rare wonderful scenery of "a" should only be heaven?

Jade dragon snow mountain, but not a mountain, is a land of myth of the love paradise. One thousand years, naxi nationality girls and boys who love each other but can't stay, are hand in hand, came to snow mountain hillside - YunShaPing a piece of beautiful flowers and plants, here, in the most tragic way to deduce the essence of love, the writing of the myth of love! Their souls will also be in the beautiful paradise always, with mountains and rivers, the beautiful, into the eternal memory!

YunShaPing, it is a beautiful piece of grass. In spring, summer, often is wooded, busy everywhere. We boarded YunShaPing, duration of winter, see different scenery. Evergreen fir trees in the forest tall, straight into the sky, the dense forest, the sun can only from the gaps between the trees, snow and ice covered roof, grass, road, is a northeast China the beautiful taste of snow! Lawn, thicker snow, lonely nobody, also find footprints in the snow, like a white blanket, the whole grassland covers well. Plateau intense sunlight on the smooth snow, reflecting to the eyes, some dazzling!

Jade dragon snow mountain, she both northland's grand, austral the tender feelings, the more like fairyland, vicissitudes of life like a charm... As general of the kingdom of god, came here, quietly enjoy serene, elutriation glitz of the heart.

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