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Home >> Three Pagodas, Dali tour information

Three Pagodas

Three PagodasThree Pagodas is located in Dali city (or town) 2 km northwest of Cangshan should be happy bee, the Chongsheng Temple (that is, Jin Yong's martial arts novels "Denon eight" in the cloud "Denon Temple"), the temple has been destroyed, the remaining three pagodas. Known as the symbol of Dali ancient culture.

The main tower of three-tower named Chihiro tower, built in the Tang Dynasty, 69.13 meters high, square 16 Miyan tower, and the size of the wild goose pagoda is Xi'an typical buildings of Tang dynasty. Under the tower looked, saw the tower. The cloud, cloud shift tower in, like a falling trend. Tower base is square, divided into three layers, the lower the side length of 33.5 meters, surrounded by a stone, the four column angle capital carved stone lions; the length of 21 meters, the east middle stone Zhaobi, Guizhou park on the male world order problem "Mu Yong Town of mountains and rivers" four characters, solemn and magnificent, quite boldness of vision, book for the Ming Mu world order. South, north two tower was built in the Song Dynasty, the octagonal hollow Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 10, are 43 meters high. Each layer eaves, angle turned upward, Yunnan tour no beams Dougong, to contour to artistic effect. The tower body and Carboniferous, like Skyreach pillar. Three-column layout into Ding's full potential, towering sky, become a symbol of Dali culture of the Bai nationality, is south our country the most magnificent towers. In 1978 unearthed repair 618 pieces of precious cultural relics, there are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, king, lux, statues and scriptures, tower model, Vajra, Datura (Mandala), bronze mirrors, inscriptions, inscriptions.

Three side, the original scale and grand Chongsheng temple. According to "Nanzhao history" (Houben, the king), "alone" and historical records, the temple base 7, the holy man Li Chengmei sage built tower, room 890, Buddhist 11400, 40590 pounds of copper, was built in Nanzhao tenth principal Feng and ten years to revealed the first year (AD 834 to 840 years), and labor more than 708000, consumption of gold and silver cloth silk brocade value of 43514 pounds of gold.

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