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Home >> Songzanlin Monastery, Shangri-La travel guide

Songzanlin Monastery

Songzanlin MonasteryFrom the shangri-la county, from the NaPaHai, a different perspective, can see a group of large buildings and stand up to the mountain, solemn. This is actually by emperor kangxi and the fifth dalai Tibetan areas. Lin, one of the ethnic Tibetan areas in yunnan's largest Tibetan buddhist monasteries, is also the most famous temple -- the gelug sect kagyu Dan Songzanlin Monastery. Kagyu Dan Songzanlin Monastery for the name of the fifth dalai lama, "kagyu Dan" is the "xi TianZu" Buddha language, said a dharma realm, inherited from shamanism by he was the first built the kagyu Dan temple, "songtsam" refers to the heaven god indra, fierce and swallow nest three games venues, "Lin" the temple. Temple of han "naturalization temple", was given by emperor yongzheng.

Songzanlin Monastery because its layout appearance resembles the potala palace, and is called "little potala palace". Near the temple, SengShe and houses were built around the mountain, strewn at random have send, one integrated mass, rolling fence surrounds the entire mountains, copy is like a huge castle. Clear the vast sky, the golden temple and JingZhuang, purple east and cornices, white walls, in the plateau burning fierce sunshine, the whole castle, such as from heaven, radiate the light of solemn and holy in dreamland.

According to the record, songtsam temple and vii dalai lama he jia Lin cuo has had a profound "edge". Vi soared after the dalai lama, Lhasa huiji divination of reincarnation, later vii dalai lama. Only by the Mongolian and Tibetan king's department to recognize hidden khan's frame, incarnated by the monks escorted to Songzanlin Monastery sanctuary. Incarnated in the milk, the program of water pray this water become milk khan to raise the living beings, the water becomes river "tits". Candidate, after again by the kumbum monastery in qinghai feed, finally recognised by the emperor kangxi of the support, and seal the macro method to sleep all the titles. Zhongdian years, devout Tibetan mountains and rivers, and full of ghosts, on younger vii dalai enduring impression. This land of regeneration after suffering, makes him with deep gratitude for life. As an adult, combines the power of church and state in one of the seven dalai to Songzanlin Monastery grace, on the basis of the size of the original building, built huge, like the style of the potala palace in Lhasa temple community. Magisterium disputes opportunity, make the Songzanlin Monastery which enter prosperous period, and prominent position of the first Tibetan temple in yunnan province.

And Tibetan buddhist architecture style is the same, songtsam dratsang Lin temple, two JiKang live temple stands in the center, the high vault flanked by eight ginseng, SengShe sport building, go along the uphill, height, layers of progressive, stereo chiseled, foil a body building tall and majestic. Top dratsang hall, north to south, Tibetan carved into five layer building, lies in the center of the temple, magnificent, plateau of spring sunshine, the lining in a clear blue sky, with cloud, the gold of the hall with a layer of mystery. Ascend the stairs from the temple's main gate, although not very high, perhaps, to the best this place, this kind of atmosphere, Yunnan Shangri-La tours can at any time from your deep heart give birth to a sacred religious emotion. Dratsang hall spacious grand temple, inside the light dark, seem to be solemn, also some sneaky. Surrounded by SuYouHua and long out lamp under the roof, some profound, curtains hung up and down, place oneself among them, seems can easily detect the presence of a Buddha. Time is stagnant, here is so quiet, calm and remote. Everything here to show the profound dharma, explaining the rich connotation of Buddhism.

Some cold and cheerless, in spring temple mountain breeze blowing, filar silk incense, incense mixed with mountains in the fresh air hangs over the entire temple of peace and quiet. A temple is a temple of the gods, the story of a temple is a temple, but the air between the thick ghee sweet let me confusion. With the 4 walls surrounded by beautiful buddhist stories, thoughts float in the sky. Look at all the glittering, looking into the distance to gawk. Look through a low hill, the distance of the shangri-la county, about three or four miles away. Mountains such as dai, at the foot of the mountain village of smoke rose thinly, pieces of rolling pastures, seeping from the depths of the land in light green. The wind blew in from the fields, hills, blow to the monastery. Looked around a piece of quiet, as an omen of a sacred moment. Sunset reflects the grass on the hill to refute the golden, temple coloured glaze is carrying all of the light and dark, past and future. Up to me, down the hill and I, whether this is samsara, I don't know what would Buddha said.

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