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Home >> Napahai Lake, Shangri-La tour guide

Napahai Lake

Napahai LakeLocated in the North West of Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Napaha nature reserve, 8 kilometers from the county seat. Napahai Lake has an area of 3125 square kilometers, 3266 meters above sea level, the lake water area of 660 square kilometers. Protection area is flat, surrounded on three sides by mountains, the mountains of snow in winter and spring.

Napahai Lake nature reserve is an ideal habitat for animal protection at the national level of rare birds of the black-necked cranes. Napaha nature reserve is one of the most characteristic of the Shangri-La scenic area, is the county's largest grassland. Humid climate in Napaha natural reserve area, herbage growth than similar regions, each year in May, grassland party spit bud, and the Napa Lake is green grass. At the beginning of June, all kinds of wild flowers bloom, the vast grassland, Qionghua Yao grass contests. Flocks of sheep with Caohai ups and downs, as in a sea of ups and downs. The vast grassland. West of the stone card, leaf cards, hard Yala three snowy mountains Qiao ran up. The snow-capped mountains, grassland, cattle and sheep formed southwest Saibei scenery. In August, Napa Lake grass still fresh, flocks of horse, cow chewing leaves, from time to time there are wild boar Ran Ran in front of you. Ride a horse, to the wetland of a few photos, or feel a deep sense of local flavor in the drizzle.

Winter is coming, the prairie gold, such as Dai Yuan-Shan, snow Xuefeng reflection and lakes, this season, black-necked cranes, yellow duck, geese gathered here, in the grass, water play roaming, Yunnan Shangri-La tour make broad vacant prairie with a a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. The Tibetan people love birds, never hurt them, especially the black-necked crane, for thousands of years has been the protection of the Tibetan people, very close to someone, often in the cottage near the tents, edge stay overnight, and human coexistence, lovable.

Napa Lake Northwest Mountain, Zhongdian Temple of Dagon Khin Temple Ruins -- the. Towering old trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, around the fault, incomplete, rubble everywhere, the temple was built in the late Ming Dynasty, was destroyed by. According to historical records, the temple is a statue of three feet six feet high statue of Buddha jampa, Ming Dynasty traveler Xu Xiake was attracted to visit, Lijiang chieftain mu the block failed and regret.

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