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Home >> Luoping, Yunnan tour guide


LuopingMaybe many people don't know yunnan, but will certainly know Luoping cole field. Here is China and even the world's largest flower field, is also one of the strangest sea. Every year in April 2, 3, formal Luoping cole fields open to the most beautiful time.

Luoping is foggy in the morning. The fog is white and the wet. The fog like a huge boundless white veils the entire 150000 mu Luoping bazi hidden, the flowers are missing. You see is white mist misty. Which is the vast boundless white fog, rain and dew of cole in full bloom.

Luoping in yunnan, China's four big one of cole the view, because it is located in the south of the tropic of cancer, so it has become every bloom cole in mainland China in the first place. Looking for snakes in the first spring scenery, where the cole blossoms first.

The cole flower in early spring in February, eastern yunnan, ma, lush and green. Yunnan hiking tour to Luoping from February to July each year, is the season of cole, and travel photography lovers and couples the yearning season. Luoping cole flower, clusters, clusters into branches, a flower, zhizhi tiantian egg yellow, farmer spring scenery beautiful here.

cole flower, into a field of golden flood, flooding the fields and villages and houses, sunny and wet like floating in the air is full of dust, pollen as flowers make people appreciate the plateau of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, your mood, your thoughts, your dreams, are all dyed golden. Luoping of cole, ma, in full bloom in a big mess, fragrance waft in the air, lingering, dodge.

LanLan Luoping cole, no noise, day, radix rehmanniae, huang attacks of design and color, let a person breath. A few marked blossom, kelly, lost his eyes. The cole of the ocean, is the world's most exotic sea. I'm afraid. The spring breeze blow gently, the golden flowers, ebb and flow, rippling scent, playing the pastoral. LuoPing cheng ups and downs in the flowers, into a island in the ocean. When you are standing on a mountain ash overlooking the town, you can imagine, this is a mirage.

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