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Home >> Lugu lake, Lijiang travel information

Lugu lake

Lugu lake in LijiangLugu lake called lu wat haizi, also known as left the sea, commonly known as the sea, is located in the liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province YanYuanXian between ninglang yi autonomous county, lijiang city, yunnan province. The lake is about 2690.75 km above sea level, covers an area of 48.45 square kilometers, mainly for the mosuo people of the lake are some naxi and pumi people live. Mosuo still retains the matriarchal marriage system. Lugu lake, known as "the pearl of the plateau. Stellac lake in the island, forms and lush, green picture, in the meantime, ShuiTianYiSe, clear as a mirror, algal blooms interspersed, slowly slide on the pig slot ship waves and floating slowly dry water day between mosuo folk songs, making it more add a few minutes of primitive simplicity, quiet, is a far away from the city and a virgin not contaminated lake. In November 2009, the lugu lake scenic area is A national tourism scenic spot of the judges experts assess for AAAA level scenic spot, lugu lake tickets for 100 yuan.

Lugu lake is not only clear water, island and beautiful. Lugu lake surrounded by green hills surrounded, lakeshore twists and turns more bay, a total of 17 sand, 14 in the gulf; Lake scattered five island, three peninsula, a sea and islands, general 15 to 30 meters above the water, far look like a pot of green boat, floating in the lake. Of ninglang HeiWa I on one side of the island, the island and the island, in the most ornamental lake and the value of the three spots, known as "three LuGu island". HeiWa my island is located in the middle, from the shore luoshui village 2500 meters, the trees on the island green basket, hundreds of birds, is always the habitats of migratory birds, ducks, and yongning toast, yunshan main water palace, American scholar Locke had lived on it.

Around lugu lake natural modelling is very beautiful, surrounded by mountains, pose fairy god, Yunnan Lijiang tour chau bay barrier island, or concealed or now. Lakeshore twists and graceful, vistas stretching. Of countless large and small alluvial fan blades of table and broad beach, to provide natural space for visitors to rest. After three village, southeast of the mountain lake, a valley winds down, clear spring flowing here. Small and exquisite "bodhisattva hole" will you hide in the valley, it is the visitor have chief use for delight, enjoy the cool shade avoidance, appreciate the wonderful situation of valley scenery. Lugu lake has rich humanistic amorous feelings and beautiful natural scenery. The charm of the mosuo girls, one tree in the canoe and elegant, with the fisherman's song, "quiet" on the lake. Every valley village in lugu lake, you can see the beautiful clothing, natural and graceful, delicate and pretty beauty of mosuo girls.

Lugu lake blends natural landscape and humanistic landscape, especially in the mosuo's unique culture and ethnic customs has the unique and rich connotation, is irreplaceable in the world all over the country and the world cultural heritage. The great lakes and mountains, primitive and mysterious ancient folk customs, primitive religious culture, infatuated of song and dance of the township, is a paradise for tourists.

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