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Home >> Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Kunming travel guide

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic AreaJiuxiang Scenic Area is located on the way from kunming to stone forest, 90 km away from kunming, 40 kilometers from the appropriate good county, covers an area of 200 square kilometers, is the largest karst cave in yunnan-guizhou plateau. Scenic area is composed of hundreds of caves, with "male, strange, dangerous, show" is famous, is a state-level scenic spot. Generation here, the beautiful natural scenery, unique ethnic customs, yi, hui and other ethnic living here, its unique way of life will give you a new feeling.

Jiuxiang scenic area within miles and overlapping peaks, rivers, lush trees. Mountain valley relative elevation 200 meters, the surface between 1750-1750 meters above sea level, relief, is a typical karst landform area. Is divided into five scenic area, namely three feet hole scenic spot. One to three feet hole, big hole in the champions league. Caves are mostly for bridge hole shape, progressive layers. Three feet hole is the most magnificent, the mouth of the cave has a giant shiding means with three legs, like which peasant iron triangle, thus its name. Stone garden diameter more than 10 meters, each into a natural for the doors, between the two legs tripod formed under 30 meters high, stone hall's acquired m. Lobby and into, is 20 meters high, 2.7 km long deep hole, hole is 20 meters wide on average, over 50 meters at its widest point, body piercing macro to open. The qing guangxu years book "history of south yunnan" records: "all level field, under three feet hole, Kunming tour package hole can hold ten thousand people" is not false. Throughout the hole bottom winding rivers, along with the hole.

Piled rainbow bridge scenic area, scenic spots, white elephant cave, huanglong cave, and fairy palace and large dam group "kanda" landscape, scenic spot most it is wolong cave entrance, from the surface to the bottom of the cave, the vertical height of 120 meters, visitors down ninety percent copper ladder hovering, may have a sense of deep into the center of the earth, the famous cave sexual waterfall divide 30 meters, plus the width of the echo, imposing manner. White elephant cave lions are of wide span 200 meters, both the "stage" in the hole, and 2000 square meters of underground "ballroom", empty. White elephant hole qingming comes bridge hung above 200 meters of steep, visitors looking down, striking, officer inside as if into god, intoxicating to drunk.

Yin cui gorge outside the hole, hundreds of meters deep, the river is 600 meters long, the bottom of the gorge catcher river smooth as a mirror, on both sides of cliffs only 5 meters apart, the trees thousands meters long river dyed jade garden show, orchid, moss, breeze sweeping the surface of the water, rock squirrels, pigeons to wear during the fly, solidifying the natural stone in two wall is smooth to send fresh vitality. Called "small". Boat tour, don't have a taste.

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