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Mount Gaoligong

Mount GaoligongMilky splash, Qifeng Guaishi, Shimen pass, the canyon wall. It depicts the scenery as extraordinary as if done by the spirits, shaping the Gaoligongshan numerous male, odd, insurance, show landscape, it is like a dragon in the southern cross. Very typical Canyon Natural Geographic vertical belt landscape created a rich diversity of plant and animal resources, it is a bright phearl in Hengduan mountains.

Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve is located west of the Nu River, Kunming tour from Tibet Nyainqentanglha mountains, from north to south along the western border areas in Yunnan. Reserve East-West width of 9 km, 135 km long from north to south, a total area of 120000 hectares. The forest coverage rate reached 85%.

Mount Gaoligong is always wild animal ideal habitat home. There are 2389 kinds of wild animal, which is a national protected wild animal has 82 kinds, such as the original ancient biological antelope, it has now been found in 200 long, have very important research value. India tiger, leopard, hoolock gibbon, monkey, Macaca arctoides bear, golden cat, sambar, worthy of " differentiation of the birthplace of ancestors of mammals ". There are a variety of 419 kinds of birds, such as the white tailed pheasants, pheasant, Golden Eagle, Red Green Peacock, pheasant, a parrot and a wide variety of thrush black, beautiful sun bird. Mount Gaoligong is " world pheasant magpie. " be richly endowed by nature, is the " Museum of natural history ".

Here, the forest resources is extremely rich, rare plants everywhere. Has the world is big Rhododendron species -- 500 years old of Rhododendron fortunei; has been called the " Green Star " of the ancient relic plants -- the national level for the protection of rare tree species Taiwania flousiana; Yunnan cherry original species, Yunnan Camellia native species, and other species, is our country's rare species pool of forest. North South extension of the Hengduan Mountains, zoologists who called it the North-South Corridor animal area. Reserve live a wild animal, is a national protected wild animal has 30 kinds. And the giant panda and the snub-nosed monkey enjoys the same reputation as antelope, Gaoligongshan ancient protozoa. Also, slow loris, grey langur, Presbytis gibbon, monkey, Macaca arctoides bear, black musk deer, leopard, golden cat, civet. Birds have 300 a variety of, Kunming travel white tipped the red pheasant, Lophura nycthemera, Temminck's Tragopan, rooster, Lady Amherst, golden pheasant, peacock green, the sun and the wide variety of thrush in nature protection district, has now completed the Yao Ping forest tourist resort. The resort is located 2540 meters above sea level, from the county town 21 kilometers, from the film the horse port 42 km, convenient transportation, in the only way which must be passed on to the horse. Because of the natural reserve forest types, the vertical distribution of vegetation, resulting in Yao Ping one day can respectively realize the Gaoligongshan four seasons climate and scenery. Here it can be seen as the ice the Great Wall Gaoligongshan main ridge, can enjoy " the dart water " of the reputation of the drop of double river falls, to the mountain climbing, can reach the alpine glacial lake -- take order lake.

Mount Gaoligong or military history for strategic, the foot of the mountain is still visible in many military sites. Nanming army and the battle "disc stones battle" ancient battlefield, watershed area is equipped with many castles, checkpoints and peak fire platform. The existing shop Taiping Beacon Tower, in line with three conical heat furnace, is the ancient surveillance, prevention of aggression military facilities. The Second World War, Gaoligongshan Mountain is one of the main battlefield in the counterattack, the mountain is still visible today dozens of bunker, numerous craters and trenches arranged in a crisscross pattern.

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