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Home >> Lijiang National Astronomical Observatorytravel guide and tour

Lijiang National Astronomical Observatory

Lijiang National Astronomical ObservatoryApril 10, 2001, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lijiang Observatory in Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County PETN Township High U.S. Middle Kingdom. Beginning in 1956, China's astronomical scientists that find Observatory station sites in southern Lijiang, after 30 years of wind and rain, through the efforts of generations of scientists in the "Tabianqingshan after, in 1993, initially selected Lijiang Gaomei ancient station sites. Measured, after eight years of research and demonstration, and finally determine it is best for China and Southeast Asia, the Hong Kong Observatory address, and decided to start construction.

China's first mirror 2.4 m telescope can enjoy HD Mars images and look into the distance of the galaxy for China's largest telescope, the telescope is manufactured by British TTL, worth up to 30 million. Lijiang, Yunnan tours Yunnan National Astronomical Observatory Asia's largest telescope, a natural education base in Asia, with the base of the plant diversity, of course, there is a beautiful view of.

Gaomeigu "mean" higher than the heavens "in the local Naxi language. It is an altitude of 3193 m, up to 254 days per year on average fine night, without the interference of artificial light and dust, coupled with sky background is dark, the air transparency to maintain a good atmosphere and quietness.

Here has not developed, Lijiang hundreds of millions of visitors, yet few people know the Observatory of Lijiang as well as a national level. To Shek Kwu direction, Lashihai tens of kilometers, then turn left to see the road signs hiking above sea level will continue to rise to more than three thousand meters. The Peak has weather stations (there are many fierce dog), astronomical observatories, the audience is that only a few families the original high Gumei village. Observatory is free to go, but the telescope can only special personnel to see. Tent it in Gumei Village, set up camp, waiting for the night the stars. The night sky is beautiful. Here to receive the protection of the State, the law-abiding. Then riding in Lijiang, a visit is worth recommending.

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