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Home >> Army Institute Former Site

Army Institute Former Site

Army Institute Former SiteHere close to the city center in Kunming Pearl Green Lake; Here trees, the water is clear, the environment elegant, bird Rain floral, and is poised for outstanding people; train a large number of outstanding military strategist, revolutionaries. Former trainees Republic of Marshal Zhu De, called "revolution furnace.

Yunnan Military Academy is in Kunming Green Lake West Order of the Chinese garden, founded in 1909. Surviving relics until today, and published in 1988 as a national key cultural relics protection units. Today, there are still the two-story building in the courtyard of one meter yellow brick and wood. Composed of four buildings in the East, West, South, North, each floor symmetrical convergence, and a corridor floor end each arch door one. Covers an area of 1390 square meters. The main building southwest surviving a big classroom (auditorium) and arsenal. The floor of the South Tower, the middle part of the read operation, about 15 meters, Kunming tour 13 meters wide. In front of the building when large playground, as much as two football fields, but today has been replaced by the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Museum and other tall building. However, after a century of weather old Tetraena compound surviving, accompanied by four 120 meters long, 10 meters wide and four the cursory corner floor buildings, not only added a sort of antique, also showed a military academy then hung macro boldness.

Yunnan Military Academy, the former Qing Dynasty to train a new army, strengthening border to deal with the national democratic revolution and the establishment of a military school, both rotational training in-service officers, and also to recruit part of moderate or higher levels of youth graduation, he served in the junior officers. School staff and more from the Japanese military academy graduation, a lot of people in Japan to learn is the tendency of molecules of the revolution, part of the League members led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. They take a variety of ways, to spread revolution Summary students, to the aggression of the Vietnam Railway example imperialist China's. At the same time, and pay close attention to the students of military training, military theory and practice, they have to improve. School culture stronghold of the revolutionary forces, the core of the unity of the revolutionary forces in Yunnan. War Chongjiu uprisings and protect the country, not only military academy staff became the central figure in the military academy students, also became the backbone.

After the Revolution, the Yunnan Military Academy was renamed the Yunnan Military Academy schools continue to do a 19, has trained thousands of personnel. Military academy students and teachers in the later protect the country and the war, the Northern Expedition, Sino-Japanese War, and the overthrow of the Chiang dynasty liberation war, continue to play a huge role, has made its own contribution to the cause of the liberation of the Chinese people as well as the people of the world.

Military academy students and teachers, in addition to Wal prominent founding fathers of the Republic of Marshal Zhu De, Ye Jianying, still served as military governor of Yunnan, the governors, the President of the Tang Jiyao Hu Ruoyu, Jin Handing, Hu Ying, Yun, Lujan, a former Guizhou Province Lu Tao, the Jiangxi Province Chairman of the Zhu Peide, Rehe provincial governor Sun crossing, the army chief of staff Yang Jie, commander Fan Shisheng, had Ze, Longze exchange Tang Huai sources, Wang A the former Yunnan Army commander-in-chief, Lee root cause, Li Lieh-chun, Gu Pinzhen, Yancy Min and the Japanese hero Zhou Bao, the famous military strategist Luo Binghui, as well as neighboring North Korea's revolutionaries Cui Yong Jian Peng, Vietnamese revolutionaries Giap and so on. Yunnan Military Academy talent, the stars shining, glorious history, amazing.

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