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Home >> Anning Hot Spring, Kunming travel guide and tour

Anning Hot Spring

Anning Hot SpringIn Kunming County peace Mantis Chuan, a famous Chinese soup -- the best in all the land of Anning Hot Spring is on the mountainside, mountain and water holding, verdant forests, hot spring water in his glass crystal, amber, like pearls. a pool of Jasper polyester dust, therefore it is called" Jasper spring".

Tranquility spa located in Anning City Yuquan foothills, mantis Chuan River,38 kilometers from Kunming. The past spring had some high officials and noble lords of the villa, after the expansion of the hotel, nursing homes and other facilities, leisure as a sanatorium. Scenery here Conglong. The mountains, beautiful scenery.

As to why called it" the best in all the land of soup", which are both beautiful and touching fairy tales, and many well-known scholars since Ming and Qing Dynasty, literati poetry inscriptions to be praised the recommended amount. Anning Hot Spring" the best in all the land of soup " say, has been popular for more than 300 years and win support among the people.

Anning Hot Spring, the legend is the Eastern Han Dynasty discovered, and it is generally said to be famous, Kunming tours started in the Ming dynasty. The Ming Dynasty Yongle, a man named Li Shou sage, in built in the Yuan Dynasty hot springs on the edge of a few huts on the foundation to build into the leisure, bath spring pool. Later, Ming Dynasty is famous politician, writer Yang Yiqing arrived there after immersion in praise, wrote" hot springs travels" to be introduced.

While the Anning Hot Spring to Yunnan crown, spread throughout the world, is due to two important figures to promote, is our country famous geographer, traveller Xu Xiake, his evaluation of Anning Hot Spring" Yu see spa, in most, this water is the first pool, here can not bath". The two is in the middle of Ming Dynasty poet, famous scholar Yang Shen. Yang Shen in exile during the many times to tranquility spa, he will be in Shaanxi including Huaqing Hot Spring at 13springs and Yunnan 4more prestigious spas and hot spring are compared, think of Anning Hot Spring water clarification, unique" scum since, moss and extinct, warm and cool suit, suitable for cooking, colorless and tasteless, tea can drink" and other7 major characteristics, for various domestic famous as" the best in all the land, and his calligraphy soup" five words to the plaque hanging in the spring area door sales. Thereafter, attracted celebrities in a continuous line, they agree that" the best in all the land of Anning Hot Spring is a spring " is not flattering, but the fame of Anning Hot Spring is also more and more big.

Tranquility spa reputation was big, but the " here I limit Central Plains" and silent for 300years. Until after the founding of the PRC government funds to build, Anning Hot Spring can be totally changed. On 1972, Premier Zhou came to tranquility spa, made " make good use of hot spring water to serve the people " important directive. The local people of Anning Hot Spring and strict scientific management, after 24 hours of culture without bacteria growth, so that the springs to clear, without the suspended state.

Nowadays, Anning Hot Spring area has the national style of the hotel, the equipment complete nursing homes, shopping malls and hotels, is an idyllic scene resort. It is reported, Anning Hot Spring sanatorium and high frequency diathermy, electrostatic therapy, phototherapy, massage, acupuncture, pulse massage machines, there are systemic bath, spa bath, bath, body upward around the shower, bath, rain, mist bath, leisure, health, treatment is set as one of the hot spring resort.

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