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Home >> Alu Ancient Cave, Yunnan travel guide

Alu Ancient Cave

Alu Ancient CaveThe famous Ming Dynasty traveler Xuxiake had ecstatic at Alu Ancient Cave two Hole investigated, leaving the "Chung Lu source of water in the hole, Lu Source Zhidong group at the cliff" famous. Alu Ancient Cave more than the mysterious Buddha, also known as the cave is a must "water stalagmites" transparent fish and rare fish ...

The ancient magical underground Dong Fu Alu Ancient Cave is located more than 160 kilometers of Luxi County territory in from Kunming, is a typical karst landform underground cave cluster, is a country with Jiufeng eighteen holes. Alu Ancient Cave called Lu source hole, Yunnan tour Song, one Yuan Yunnan thirty-seven is Man Ministry of "Alu Department of burrowing point, its name is also a result of. Its main cave by Lu source Cave, Yuzhu Cave, jasper hole Yusun River, three-hole and a river three thousand meters in length, the Dongjing has the characteristics of ancient, odd, absolutely, outside the cave spring and cave cave, cave one day, the hole under the river, there are a variety of stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, stone diffuse, stone sickles, stone waterfall, stone flowers ...... etc., in different styles and everything, to show the nature of survival filled the infinite fun.

At 8:18 on November 18th 2006, Luxi Alu Ancient Cave Buddha who appeared a mysterious Buddha, bright colors. 8:26 points, is most bright dazzling Guangmang. Halo width of 30 centimeters, a diameter of 3 meters thereafter gradient dual halo, and slowly expand desalination, with a duration of about 30 minutes. Local senior physics teachers to explain this strange the Fo Guang rare optical phenomena, in the period after the winter solstice, may reappear. The Fo Guang most of the summit above the sea of clouds in the mountains, but the first time in the cave. This miraculous phenomenon in the Yunnan region caused considerable repercussions and attention, a lot of lucky tourists and expert witness this rare scene.

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