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Home >> Ailao Mountain, Yunnan tour information

Ailao Mountain

Ailao MountainAilao Mountain is a mysterious and magnificent place, both the ancient tea horse road, and then be well-known, far and near Yuanyang terrace, more the toast Buried Secret treasure. Why don't you go together, Kunming tour to the Ailao Mountain treasure hunt.

Ailao Mountain, one is located in Central China's Yunnan province Yunling mountains, for the South extension, is the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and cross the line, is also a cloud and Amedyan watershed. The Ailao Mountains to the northwest to Southeast, north of Chuxiong City, south of Lvchun County, about 500 km,2000 meters above the mountain elevations in general, at an elevation of 3000 meters above the summit of 9, the peak called Ailao Mountain, elevation 3166meters. Ailao Mountain is rich in tourism resources, there are thousands of Zhenyuan formation, Xinping Nunn falls, Yuanyang terrace, Ailao toast house etc..

Due to the large relative height, climate vertical distribution is obvious, from the foothills to the peak in tropical South Asia, middle subtropical zone, semi-tropical, warm temperate zone, temperate zone, cold temperate climate. A unique mountain climate the vegetation has obvious vertical distribution. The Ailao Mountains for the world the same latitude biological diversity, the same type of plant community to retain the most complete area. In order to have called living fossil plant in Thoreau tree,1016species of higher plants. Also the North-South animal migration" corridor" and" biological species gene pool", the country grade one protected animal is the Bengal tiger, green peafowl, black gibbon, clouded leopards, pythons.

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