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Home >> Wanghai Floor tourist information

Wanghai Floor

Wanghai FloorSides are located in the southern suburbs of Phoenix Mountain in Zhaotong City, about 2 km from the city, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 25 years (1760) Enan County magistrate born Lin Shen Jian. Floor is not high, three, momentum is also not very majestic, but surrounded by mountains, water, Long Beach Liu smoke, there mu Tianchou glorified, they also have Zoran Grand attraction. Song, two hundred years ago, attraction in the end how? Contemporary people can not go without regret to enjoy the book. Zhao Annals draft contains: Pingchou hills, reflect on dispelling wind, amidst glittering, hence the name Wanghailou. Later, the Governor of Yunnan Zhaotong love to star A, I also went to see the left gate, Wanhailou, to curry favor with the emperor adults bent, put Wanhailou to Ein floor. The meaning is clear: the emperor Sheng Huang, universal grace. This stay I gates, which sides are, can not engraved Shenghuang emperor 's grace, the long vertical? Reform is changed, plaques have been changed, also wrote the book, people can not accept, recognize only one Wanhailou two hundred years.

Sides are not only Kunming tours to Zhaotong scenery scenery, but also to commemorate the Chinese Communist underground Zhaotong early revolutionary activities. Early 1929, subject to the CPC Yunnan Provincial Working Committee of the delegation, the provincial working committee members to convey province Zhaotong Work Strengthening rural work instructions to convey to hold a meeting in the Wanhailou. Since then, the comrades of the CPC often Zhaotong underground outing in the name of the sides are working links. Read the first floor of a century of wind and rain, the ancient county write Chiaki chapter. It is learned that the authorities concerned have decided renovated Wanhailou, into the park, which is the desire of the history and Zhaotong Zhaotong people.

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