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Home >> Huanglian River Waterfall tourist guide

Huanglian River Waterfall

Huanglian River WaterfallBerberine River Falls group five kilometers from the county, there are roads and bus lanes through scenic. Along flowers are blooming, Glen aspect, springs rushes, flowers.

The main attractions are the river mark berberine fairy waterfall, waterfall lover, girl waterfall, waterfall joking, duck waterfall, waterfall bridal chamber, Acacia waterfall, waterfall antiphonal singing sisters waterfall, waterfall silver chain, welcoming waterfall, birthday waterfall, waterfall curtain and mysterious, a mix of white elephant cave, delightful curtain makes ecstasy pleasant promenade and large skateboards than 20, with the shape of the Dove World rare plants involucrata flowers, called wonders of the world.

Mark berberine River Scenic Area is a landscape of waterfalls, diverse landscape, supplemented by large scenic area, located in the northeast of Yunnan Zhaotong mark for the county, 69 km from Zhaotong City, 453 kilometers from Kunming, from Sichuan Yibin City, China Yunnan Province, 210 kilometers, through 213 State Road, Kunming tour water road and the ( river ) Queensland ( Ming ) Railway can be reached. October 1993 opened in 1994 as a provincial-level scenic spots, 2001 AA rating for the state -level scenic spots.

The scenic area by the river berberine scenic waterfalls, caves scenic canyon on Takahashi, Rohan dam virgin forest scenic and ancient post road tour Yuntaishan line " Third District line", with a total area of ??107 square kilometers to explore, there are more than 80 attractions distribution King King is connected, a step King. Magnificent peaks, steep valleys, clear water, fantastic caves, vast forests, as well as heavy historical and cultural monuments and rich ethnic customs, constitutes a colorful place, enrich the connotation of tourism resources, called the mountain, water, forests, caves into one show, odd, quiet, elegant merged Grand, is to carry out tourism, mountain climbing, adventure expedition, recreation, summer vacation destination.

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