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Home >> Dashanbao tour information in China Yunnan


DashanbaoIn large hill jump pier River Reservoir, sub- sea reservoirs are two places you can see hordes of black-necked cranes in the lake foraging habitat. Of course, if you want to take photos of wonderful moments, we must take - one of at least 200 mm telephoto lens. The best place to enjoy the scenery of the grassland is immortal grassy field. There may be that running horses, or lying on green grass prairie sky viewing.

In the large hill, if you want to view the sea of clouds, watching the sunset, the best place is the Cock Grand Canyon. If you are lucky, you can also see the Buddha here ; If you want to appreciate the customs, you can go to the big hill village government - Sheep Wo ( Heung Street ). Where more than 3000 meters above sea level, the average person to get there may be chest physiological responses. However, after a couple of days to adapt to it no problem.

Yunnan travel to Dashanbao best travel time is autumn and winter. Early August to early October, the mountain flowers, oats, grass land into blocks into pieces, layer upon layer, colorful, big hills dotted the desolate paradise into a dream-like world. At this point the big hill, can be called a photographer's paradise, and often you can see the professional photographer carrying equipment four election scene. Another northern Yunnan is the world's largest habitat for black-necked cranes in winter Dashanbao can also see black-necked cranes.

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