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DalongdongDalongdong Zhaotong town in the North Gate. From the cave and temple components. Temple built before Qianlong three years (1765). Entered the hospital, after the gate has wooden stage, the backyard of the main hall, composed of two veranda, main hall danyan hard top, so there penthouse, located Dianqian protective fence, directly between the rear by the Ming Longquan Cave, cliff Qing Enan County know clouds steamed wei Wang Renrui problems, water from a long stone. The whole temple covers an area of approximately 6,500 square meters. Four weeks pine and cypress trees, dense shade cloth, the scenery is very beautiful. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De Long Road home site, a new conference Tashi and the Red Army Martyrs Memorial Monument.

Road is located in the northern suburb of Zhaotong City, 12 kilometers from Zhaotong City, there are many antique architectural community, the tower carved beams, cornices color booths. Place the pines forest, bamboo -lined, green floor, surrounded by water, winding streets, a temple hidden deep in the forest at the entrance, grand openings, roof stalactites hung upside down, wonderful, clear spring from the side of the cave bubbling out, water quality, crystal clear waters, is one of the city's main water source Zhaotong City, Kunming tour packages to the entire area of the total area of 134 hectares, including 68 hectares forest, garden 28 ha, 38 ha reservoir, is a natural forest park, people Rover, rest, boating, fishing summer resort. During the Lunar August 15, when the moon sky, the moon will be reflected in Longquan, Longquan the moon will be reflected in the cave rock, Three Moon side by side, forming a unique natural landscape, called Cave sucked month.

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