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Home >> Xiushan Mountain travel information and tours

Xiushan Mountain

Xiushan MountainXiushan located Tonghai south, is one of Yuxi important scenic, wooded Xiushan on, there are many ancient buildings and couplets, faint revealing thick cultural atmosphere. The sea had Xiushan during the Ming and Kunming jinma mountain, Pico mountain chicken, Yunnan Dali Cangshan said a total of four famous mountains, known as the "show A southern Yunnan " in the world. This provision of the Han Dynasty in the mountains, built temples, vertical garden pavilion, Yuan, Ming and Qing into the Buddhist resort, the Republic set to park. Boarded Xiushan, overlooking Qilu, county town and Bazi views.

Xiushan Park is located south of Tonghai, and connected to the city. You can walk out of the city a few hundred paces climbing. Mountain Monastery dense, winding streets. Xiushan experience on behalf of the construction of the park, constitutes a Sanyuan Temple, Pu Guangsi, pavilion, cool units, Longevity Palace, bucket Tin House, Yongjin Temple and other ancient buildings.

Xiushan of the show lies in the green, lush forest cover tightly the whole mountain. Northern foothills bamboo ten thousand, verdant; Shanxi jungle between bushes, wildflowers little; Shandong face towering pines, fir Li lush; Kunming tour to Hill Nan Songlin like the sea, such as waves roar. A wide variety of flowers and trees, all year round contests, the monastery is also flowers and trees, dense pine, green cedar stays days.

Xiushan not only beautiful mountains and rivers, more ancient poet poet, scholar official name of the chant, so Xiushan become a " plaque Hill of the sea" and steles. Couplet in Xiushan still retains more than 200 inscriptions Vice ( block ), these Couplet inscriptions, filled with poetic, calligraphy are superior to make, to make poetry, calligraphy, painting, scenery and fine buildings perfect fit.

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