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Home >> World First High Bridge tourist guide

World First High Bridge

World First High BridgeThe new world's first High Bridge Yuanjiang Scenic Spot is the Kunming-Bangkok ( Kunming-Bangkok ) highway first King, located next to the National Road 213 highway, 3.8 km from the county, from the provincial capital Kunming tours to Yuanjiang 2 half an hour to arrive. Scenic area of 500 acres, in addition to the world-famous high-tech modern building the world's first continuous rigid frame High Bridge, the historical connotation is rich, the famous Chinese mainland last battle took place in the area, is now reserved there was fighting in the trenches and by the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, named after the Daming Temple has been built in the area.

The Bridge on the location of elevation 518.2 meters. Bridge, five -span continuous steel structure, there are two main pier over 100 meters, the main pier height 123.3 meters, more than the previous world's largest continuous steel bridge pier height of 107 meters world record from the river to the bridge 168 meters high, is the world's first High Bridge, a main span of 265 meters, is the world 's second-largest of the same type of bridge span, a total length of 801 meters four piers, plus an extension of the total bridge length of 1000 meters, officially started since May 18, 2000, in this year closed through March 30 across the board, which lasted two years and 10 months.

Yuanjiang has become an important tourist attractions. There are currently five major scenic attractions: First Things: Chinese mainland last battle site - trenches attractions. Second attractions: the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty and the name because of the Daming Temple attractions. Third attractions: According to local legend of a beautiful and built the world's largest leading attractions. Fourth attractions: List eight bridge viewing platform attractions. Fifth attractions: the world's first High Bridge attractions. The world's first tourist scenic High Bridge is a set of tourism, leisure, entertainment, dining, lodging, meeting as one of the tourist sights, we will be of mutual benefit and common development, honest and trustworthy, fair trade, Boli, enthusiasm ethics of public service, travel agency services in the country each team, in the service of the people, serve the people of the world.

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