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Home >> Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake

Fuxian LakeIf there is a place to let you pass it to go, so this place is it right? Is worth you deeply in my heart? There is a place called Paul charge outside Yuxi, and Paul charge this place because there is a deep lake of Fuxian Lake -- and then let me remember not only the Yuxi tobacco in Yuxi city.Yunnan Province, following the third great lakes Dianchi and Erhai of Yunnan Province, belongs to the first deep lake. Is the second deepest lake, the depths of 155 meters, with an average depth of 87 meters.

Write the Fuxian Lake is it right? Want to introduce a beautiful legend of the lake? According to legend, the emperor sent heavenly stone, Xiao Erxian to earth to patrol, Yunnan, saw a pool of clear water, glittering, two fairy is a landscape of lakes and mountains of the fans, forget to return, into two side by side help Boulder, always standing by the lake. South East past lake there are two stone houses I stand side by side, it is stone, Xiao Erxian, on the lake in the boat, but also partly hidden and partly visible to see two fairy in ornamental, to leave their mark, the name of Fuxian lake.

I am not immortal, but I have come today, let me in the winter to enjoy the warm and comfortable in the south. Standing in the Paul charge to enter the scenic area can overlook the whole of Fuxian Lake, the discovery of a shaped like a gourd can be found in the Pearl, mosaic in the misty mountains, clear blue, glittering, beautiful. In particular, the tiny spots boat drifting with the wind and waves, shaking, Lin thrown dazzled my eyes, in my heart. Xu is the off-season, the figure is sparse, quiet and no noise, only the lake beyond set off waves of incoming ears, a quiet place such as the land of idyllic beauty ah.

The wind is very big, without fishy smell, Yunnan tours and the light of the sun shines on the soft body, with a feeling to Sanya, at the foot of the sand is very soft, but still too cold, really hate not shoes, barefoot and these sand zero distance contact. No visitors Fuxian Lake is very quiet, I just walked slowly slowly read slowly beat again slowly and enjoy, immerse yourself in this piece of only the blue sky and white clouds, sea, lake, boat, the beautiful world.

There is a lake called Beacon Hill mountains, far can see the top of a building pavilions, terraces and open halls, not want to climb overlooking the desire, so readily climb. Ah ~ ~ ~ a hill with seemingly little even five internal organs have, cliff inscriptions, temples, pavilions, the mountains this some as missing, also has climbed up to the highest point of view to look around:

Fuxian lake surrounded by jagged rocks, clouds, towering colorful, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry; some such as cupola Yu-sun, like some real pen holder, such as elephants, some water, some are like tigers down the mountain; the vast lake, no wave level as a mirror, soft and charming, like the little girl a bare-chested, ease to sleep in. Fire whitecaps structure, such as that broken jade in the rock, and like blossoming lotus in blossom. Yuanshanjinshui, boundless lake, a color and pleasant, and peculiar landscape painting!

That I still enjoy this moment: surf merrily at the shore, the lake is clear and transparent, no trace of impurities, a specialty of the lake, called the anti-wave fish. Near the lake is green, the distance is deep blue, and then the distance is blue, Tianshui phase, as if into sky, the sun sprinkled on the lake, glittering, really makes people disconcerted, Homer had described Aegean Sea as "mellow wine color", and gifted scholar Yang Shengan in China during the Ming Dynasty. Poetry is the Fuxian Lake was thoroughly "Chengjiang color like Pitt Daigo, million hectares of the international green. Only few and complements, unlimited picture win West Lake ", yes, Aegean Sea and the Fuxian Lake is as thick as wine intoxicating, more beautiful and docked in the boat the dove, sometimes fly sometimes habitat, adds a another kind of vitality to the lake.

Could not help but stopped at the shore, with his hand to the lake, it is very cool, this is the main reason for the quiet, imagine the hustle and bustle of the summer here, I think I still love this moment of Fuxian Lake.

Hill is not high but the immortal name, water is not deep long Zeling, Fuxian Lake is not long but sin which can be, especially in the winter, came to this beautiful place that is enjoying, come on, there is a beautiful lake in waiting for you to come at 70 km away from Kunming!

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