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Home >> Desert Sand Big Bathed Tourism Cultural and Ecological Village tour guide

Desert Sand Big Bathed Tourism Cultural and Ecological Village

Desert Sand Big Bathed Tourism Cultural and Ecological VillageThe new flat Huayaodai there Dai Ya, Dai spill, Dai card, large bathed Village is Huayaodai Dai Ya settlements. In the Dai language, large bathed was falling in love the place. Large bathed Huayaodai Cultural and Ecological Tourism Village is an authentic showcase Huayaodai residential architecture, history, culture, folk customs of ethnic cultural and ecological style garden. The village from the mountain springs flow through, blocks of Dai soil cover hidden in the areca palm house, Bambusa Multiplex, Phoenix flowers, lychee tree.

Large bathed Zhaimen 10.7 meters high, 6.9 meters wide, made of reinforced concrete, behind the process, by craftsmen carving the pattern, and then inkjet, eventually carving into a family of a woman wearing a chicken Huayaodai fir hats cap shape. Walked into the village, the soil under the palm house small Bu less (girls) and small Bu take (boys) wearing costumes listed Dai meantime, in fine black cloth embroidered dress and silver earrings, silver jewelry, silver Baotou, silver chest bubbles, etc. decorative handmade products under their honest smile blooming in the sun.

Every Flower Street Festival, Huayaodai young men and women dressed in costumes, similar tour to Kunming the large bathed tall areca palm, comes with dill rice seedlings, each person intentionally feeding each other, with more time to feed the elderly shows the deeper feelings of both. Meanwhile, during the festival Huayaodai girls to organize the pageant, they wear traditional clothing sewn by the mother comprehensive selection of costumes, dance, talent, figure, appearance and other projects.

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