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Home >> Maotianshan Animal Fossil Group tourist guide

Maotianshan Animal Fossil Group

Maotianshan Animal Fossil GroupChengjiang Biota, Yunnan Chengjiang located near the country is preserved Early Cambrian fossils group. Vividly original features marine life 530 million years ago, the magnificent landscape and extant animals to study the early origins of life on Earth, evolution, ecology theory provides valuable evidence Chengjiang Biota research and found that not only was the Cambrian life sudden outbreak of the nonlinear evolution provides a scientific fact, while the Darwinian theory of evolution gradient style had a major challenge. Chengjiang Biota of covering 16 categories, more than 200 species of fossils (as of 2012). July 1, 2012, Chengjiang fossils officially included in the World Heritage List.

Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota is (5.3 billion years) covering a total of 16 categories, more than 200 species of rare animal fossils were found, including whether the vertebrate fossils, there are primitive chordate fossils. Especially valuable is representative of today's biological ancestor of all categories have found that there is an impression of hardware have software for people to study the early Cambrian explosion of the physical structure of organisms, biological behavior, system evolution and ecological environment provides a process evidence. These findings not only provide a scientific fact as the Cambrian explosion of the nonlinear evolution of a sudden, while the Darwinian theory of evolution is indeed gradual change is a great problem and challenge.

Chengjiang fossils are extremely rare in the world in this kind of fossil land, the full show early Cambrian marine communities and ecosystems. Chengjiang Biota widely distributed fossil, Yuxi City, tour to Yunnan Province is located in Chenghai Maotianshan River County (Phoenix Lu town) 6 km east of the city near the Tianshan cap. 56 km from Kunming, 87 kilometers away from the Yuxi City. Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, buried dating back 530 million years, the group Chengjiang fossils, fossil Maotianshan band, meandering zonal distribution, 20 km long with this distribution, 4.5 km wide, buried deep in the 50 meters.

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