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Home >> Ailao Mountain travel information and tour

Ailao Mountain

Ailao MountainAilaoshan Nature Reserve is located in Xinping County and King East, Town source, Chuxiong, Shuangbai other five counties junction. Altitude of 2080 m ¡× 3165.9 meters away. In 1986, the Yunnan Provincial People's Government expressly delineated protection area is 21.99 hectares. In 1988, the State Council designated as a National Nature Reserve.

Ailaoshan cloud Lingnan extension offshoot, the Himalayan orogeny Quaternary period, due to the ground uplift, river incision, elevation increases, the depth of cut to form today 's mountain landscape. Sprinkle the Hom River from northwest to southeast ramp through direct, Jiangxi Ministry Ailaoshan veins parallel to the river with the lance sprinkling direction, staggered mountains, high mountains and deep valleys. Ailaoshan peak elevation of 3165.9 meters large bedrock, who stands in the town of dragon Township and County border at the source ; pot snow mountain summit elevation of 3137 m, cloud wrapped around the fog, towering spectacular flora plant distribution complex, ancient rare plant species more, in climate, geology and other aspects of biological research have a higher value, is the core area of nature reserves, foreign scientists study tour is an important base. Ear Mountain famous Grand hat, cap Ear Mountain, Tingtingyuli, mix. Alluvial fans and hills along the river and more for chicken growth is the development of tropical crops for food and the ideal place, Jiangdong southern edge of the plateau region of Yunnan, mostly Zhongshan cutting topography, suitable Yunnan pine and subtropical fruits grown.

Ailaoshan Nature Reserve is located in the tropical monsoon, monsoon tropical South Hengduan Mountains and the Qinghai-Tibet junction of three major physiographic regions, is something Yunnan tour plateau monsoon climate and climatic boundaries. It is like a natural " Great Wall", effectively blocking the Bengal Southwest warm air northward, when air movement here, the temperature is lower, is conducive to condensation precipitation, airflow over Ailaoshan after dehumidification warming. Therefore, at an altitude of about 2800 meters Ailaoshan area, annual rainfall of 2,200 mm, an altitude of 900 meters below the Ailaoshan Mountains, the average annual rainfall 800 mm ¡× 900 mm.

Ailaoshan protected area is in the flora and fauna of East Asia and South Asia, the Himalayas and the confluence of India and Burma flora, many animals the south to the north, east and west into. In the long process of adaptation and evolution of their place, and a local varieties, forming today's animals and forest plant communities, but retains full original appearance. Summer, lush foliage Zhetianbiri body into the forest, like to enter the emerald palace ; winter is snowy, winter tree with snowflakes, deemed crystal underwater. According to the survey Xinping County Forestry Bureau, collected from the protected areas recorded higher plants, 187 families, 541 genera and 971 kinds. Cyathea territory, water Aoki, fir, Yunnan camellia, toon, Phoebe, Magnolia, like blood rhododendrons, Ziwei, Manglietia, calyx bell wood, grate Cephalotaxaceae speaking countries such as protection forests.

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