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Home >> Nanni Hot Springs sightseeing tour

Nanni Hot Springs

Nanni Hot SpringsFour Seasons floral bath: As evergreen floral kingdom, located in the tropical Banna is a sea of flowers. Nom it through special processing spa selected native petals, fragrant body after bath, can be refreshing, smooth breathing alleviate fatigue, reduce stress, and beauty. Dai dipping: historic Dai Dai medicine is gradually moving towards the world. Dai medicine into the spa bath with soaking may qi and blood, prevent colds, heat purging fire, etc. Wellness efficacy sulfur springs bath: to soften the skin, dissolve keratin, sterilization, for a variety of chronic arthritis, rheumatism and other unique efficacy. Banna coconut milk bath: with fresh coconut milk, vitamins and the perfect combination of natural hot springs rich in itself, can whiten the skin after the bath, add water to achieve the efficacy of the body 's delicate fragrance.

Yunnan tour to Xishuangbanna of arabica coffee Bath: Nom it all references to the original ecological spa Banna arabica coffee, body immersion bath can be ruled out excess water, elimination of edema, coffee alkaloids also excited central nervous system, promote the skin smooth and delicate. Tea bath: sip tea in Yunnan, enjoying tea Spa, tangy tea this time, after the entrance, intoxicating heart and soul. Can be achieved while slimming firming, reduce blood fat levels, vasodilation, enhance blood circulation and smooth skin. Threadfin puppets cheer - fish spa Springs: Hot Springs furans it valuable is the hardest afraid of hot water high in sulfur hot springs, and can swim freely, not only can swim freely, but also to specialized bite away dead skin from your body, the magic the threadfin puppet feelings ( fish spa springs ). Enjoy that feeling, more than you usually add some fun massage. You can get this real heart and soul at ease !

Stone bath: When you lay marble slab smooth as a mirror, and enjoy the gentle heat treatments from the center of the earth, and accidentally fell asleep. When you sleep in the gentle stone bath can promote the metabolism of the body from the inside, the body burden reduction, a significant detoxification effect. You can also eliminate fatigue, relieve joint pain, lower blood lipids. Can improve immunity, slow aging, prompting cool improvements. For arthritis, rheumatism, gastrointestinal diseases have a significant effect. Dai Salt: as traditional European medicine naturopathy, bath spa combination Dai, the body being buried in a salt bath can either sterilization, but also fat weight loss, skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatism unique efficacy. Spa features pool: Nom it in hot springs, rich in minerals and trace elements of sulfur pool, we added a dozen of the world's most advanced spa facilities, allowing you to enjoy the hot springs nourish the same time happy.

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