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Home >> Dawn City sightseeing and tour

Dawn City

Dawn CityYunjinghong is the state capital, a town of Jinghong County of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Yunjinghong Dai translated means City of Dawn, from a brave young man to defeat a demon after winning a pearl, and the pearl hanging on palm tree, was illuminated, drive away the darkness, bringing the legendary dawn. Therefore, people used to call it as the city of dawn. Dawn City in the past Dai chieftain place to live, Dai called it Chiang Hung, translated means the majority of the land owner.

National Road dawn main street of the city, Dongfeng Road, in the driveway lined with green palm oil corridor, intermingled with betel nut, mango, Bayeux, palm and coconut grove, the year the fragrance exudes subtropical atmosphere. These two green corridor of the car and bike lanes on both sides separately, so that the vehicle ordered bustling wells. Pedestrians, all walking in the bike lanes on both sides of the sidewalk. Cangjiang from east and west road, is the dawn of the city to another street.

Songkran time spent on the streets of the Phoenix red bloom. The most bustling center blocks, telecommunications buildings and department stores, Xinhua Bookstore, the state-run hotels and other buildings, spacious and bright spectacular, bringing together four different directions toward stretched out in the center of the four corner of the street. Over the last kilometer ring road, broad and flat, roadside Phoenix blooms, Yinhua and oil palm, red and green, like a big wreath around the city at dawn.

Peacock lake in the center of the state party committee on state government buildings in the side, green water ripples, water lilies bloom, beautiful quiet, people walking tour of the premises. Dawn in the city, you can visit the park in spring joy and participate in the activities of the Dai splashing Folk Village, to the free market to buy local products.

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