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Home >> Tsinghua Cave sightseeing guide

Tsinghua Cave

Tsinghua CaveTsinghua Karst Cave is a large limestone cave, hole 80 meters wide, 30 meters high and hundreds of meters deep, is a large natural cave. The middle of the hole on the right top of the dome, there is a light leading to the summit, known as the big day dish Stone holes. About the stone hole, also circulated a local myth, the legend that catch carp sophisticated Tsinghua ... Monkey Cave, the cave was dark, so they use Wukong Monkey King Bar poke a hole toward the top of the cave, revealing a light beam, which is the dish big day comes from.

Tsinghua hole in the tourist area of the city is located in the western suburbs of 5 km Xu Funing County canyon, freemason Riverside bottom outflow. Qianlong, there fisherman fishing on the river, before discovered this hole. Cave of three, one for the bottom hole, hundreds of meters wide, river through the hole, import freemason River, more than 600 meters long, 10 meters wide, Yunnan tours has a motorized sailboats and small boat for visitors to ride along the river tour. Kongkuo spacious two sets of holes, can accommodate thousands of people, the holes have holes, deep holes Road Qichu, stalactites form weird ones like beasts. Three holes of the hole, more than a thousand meters wide, Pi platform ballroom and other service facilities. Entire cave full of stalactites are more developed, melt the odd, the United States, the show is a furnace, there is a high ornamental value. There are dozens of stone steps outside the cave from the ground straight hole, the hole Cangyan Greencliff, shady trees. Peak trees vines, twisted branches interlaced. Mottled stone moss, grass hidden passage. Hole has been plugging into a library, the water three square kilometers, is divided into two shares slipped, one long 4 km, 2 km long one, boating excursions. Tsinghua cave tourist areas set mountains, green water, caves, trees, exquisite as a whole, every year many tourists to this tour.

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