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Home >> Sanla Waterfall

Sanla Waterfall

Sanla WaterfallSanla waterfall located in wenshan guangnan county were in town 20 kilometers east of Sanla village, near the three Greek words meaning the meeting-place of three rivers, called ring spring waterfall.

Sanla waterfall, called ring spring waterfall. Sweet river and through the re-election of mountains, running, here from more than 10 meters wide at the top of the line of pour down, 3 drops 120 meters. Falls the waters surging, roar loud. Falls due to landform, divide three down, three cliffs rise steeply, existes betting, level of a pool. A waterfall, secondary narrower, the waters surging, level 3 drops about 40 meters wide. Summer, where waterfall, waterfall like white in winter lian hang empty.

Sanla the water like a huge water column from rhino "rhino" mouth of the mountain 6-2, overwhelming, water mist spraying, if arashi if flocculant; Underwater acoustic roar, like thunder, roars, deafening. The first organ shade is 20 meters wide, gap between side. There are m. Pentium straight under the waterfall water forms a 3 acres wide pool of water fog transpiration. Organ the shore wall behind the curtain, Yunnan travel also hides a grass cluster waterfall cave, from the hole is the qing dynasty monk wireless wizard's Mr. M collection of scriptures "published".

The first organ curtain of water from the pool left, to form the second organ shade. This water is 20 meters wide, gap between 36 meters. The curious thing is that under the cascades of water, in the middle is divided into left and right two water, and eventually fell into a pool together. There are a large stone in the pool, about 50 meters away from organ shade, hazy oboro empty hidden in the mist. Dry season, pool, this is like a huge stone "head" of the dew on the surface, "head" of the "nose" and "eyes" are visible. The tam, legend is the monk Samuel m bathing place, so the local people in the pool this huge rock called "head stone" and "stone", m. Third curtain waterfall shade face although slightly narrower than above two shade, but drop 50 meters, its imposing manner than two shade more pounds is ok. Water in, water splash, whitewater, twisting. River water after falling a few times, leave room for plenty of wonderful, and pentium roar to another piece of mountains.

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