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Home >> Laoshan Mountain tour guide

Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan MountainLaoshan is located southeast of the nationally known Malipo County, Yunnan Province, located in the Chinese side of the Sino-Vietnamese border, Mary Rose Northeast crossings between the country second pillar No. 12. Peak elevation of 1422 m. Area of about 80,000 square kilometers. Area to the vast primeval forests, karst caves as the mainstay, supplemented by ancient cultural sites, cats jump canyons, waterfalls, clouds, trees and other colorful natural landscape and cultural landscape. The area rich ethnic customs, traditional festivals are mainly Yao's King Pan Festival; Zhuang ' sacrifice Dragon Festival, The Merry Street; Miao Flower Festival and so on.

Peak on the north side built barracks, memorials, statues and other figures. Space in front of the war hero Zhang power martyr statue, about five meters tall, wearing a helmet, wearing a military uniform, his hands clasped submachine gun, straight ahead, a symbol of the Iron Guard guarding the border. Memorial housing construction area of about 200 square meters, carved comrades original CPC General Secretary and President and CMC Chairman Jiang Zemin personally inscribed, frontiers Patriotic four characters on the front of the roof, the walls on both sides of the main entrance, there are manifestations of war the two civilian status and Yushuiqing huge relief. During the decades of war, in front of the soldiers fought a bloody war to defend the dignity of the motherland, the creation of the National People 's encouraging to hard work, Yunnan trips dedication as the core of the old mountain spirit. Currently, the old mountain community has become an important base for patriotic education accepted.

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