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BameiReading a big book had never been seen, met with you. The book says: "Lin to make water, will have a mountain of the mountain has a small mouth, like if the light ; would Scotia boat from the mouth." University that would finally know that you're here --- Yunnan dam America. To dam the United States, by gurgling brook directions, upstream on, you will see a Zhuangruo Jubi Rock Hill ( Pa Mei Village entrance ). I saw this " slate pencil Mountain" abdomen opened a huge cave, cave overhang on the pillars of countless such as bamboo shoots, streams flow and the formation of waterfalls begins here. Listening to the waterfalls roar, get Dangling Zhu Caochuan, soon we will reach the hole. Suddenly, on the outside loud voices, the sound of water will completely disappear, leaving only the issue from time to time swallows twittering sound.

When darkness Zhu Caochuan completely engulf the people, you will have to enter the " time tunnel " feeling: a modern, noisy outside world disappears, an ancient, magical little village awaits you. Everyone breathless, only to hear the rustle of the hull across the surface of the water and cave drip Didi blah. We are like Tao Yuanming Fisherman, is undergoing profound and mysterious karst water cave, go to an almost isolated, Yunnan tours known today paradise village dam beauty. Bathed in a dark tunnel in the cool breeze of the more than twenty minutes later, a beam of light appeared, then you can see the hole squeak sound of the waterwheel, Zhuang girl graceful posture, the ship to the shore. Up the stairs, eyes suddenly become clear : light blue Tuoniangjiang waving to you in the distance, green fields between farmers is toil, bamboo, deep shade of peach quaint cottages. Abandon the ship ashore hole, in front of the beautiful people squint eyes. It was a beautiful but narrow Xiaobazi (basin), a radius of about two three square kilometers, warm sunshine, the joy of spring, surrounded by mountains are like a barrier, rise steeply if Aoyama painting depicting the mighty wall. A fence another curved path will lead us to a quaint village, it is scattered in the southwest-facing hillside, is a huge banyan Zhu Zhu covered and objectives can see, only sporadic several houses, as well as mountain powder pink camellia oil. Deaf ear heard, but several more cock barking, and the sound of birds tactfully. I know, this is the dam beautiful.

Since ancient times, almost exclusively a dam Mei limestone cave water to maintain contact with the outside world. As long as there is salt to eat, dam beauty can reject all contacts with the outside world. They can make their own entertainment, and to solve their own everything......

By the young skipper boat propped with bamboo sticks and skirted the shadowy jungle, included on a cliff A-shaped hole gap quickly submerged in the dark cave, only to weak weak torch lighting, only not to hit the wall or water reefs. Villages that big banyan trees, the whole dam America wrapped into a ball glossy dark green. Dam America possidetis leaving intact the original customs. If Lubushiyi, close the doors at night, good-neighborliness and so on. These good social atmosphere, preserved the essence of traditional Chinese culture. In addition, the unique sacrifice Zhuang, antiphonal singing, Aralia crooked, kicking grass ball, night kind Kanda so recorded the original symbols.

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