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Home >> Volcano Hot Sea tourist information

Volcano Hot Sea

Volcano Hot SeaTengchong geothermal is China 's famous scenic spot, the region is currently found in 64 areas around the geothermal activity, hot springs more than 80, the maximum temperature of 96.3 ¡æ. One of the most fierce heat, the external display is also the most marvelous mosaic is about 20 kilometers west of Tengchong Atami. Here green hills, a water hit the headlines, in the north of sulfur pond, south of Matsuyama Qing, Chung Hau Temple east to west, banana garden, within the range area of about 90,000 square kilometers, rich in various types of geothermal landscape. The current development of the size of the roll pan, Hama mouth, beautiful pool, lion head, Pearl Izumi, drums Oriental, well conceived, fairy hammam bathhouse River Falls and attractions in more than ten.

In these places hot springs, the most revered and strong when pushed " roll pan." This is Wang through artificial clever "packaging" implied gossip Metaphysics octagonal Feiquan, wide pool of about 10 square meters, about 1.5 meters deep, the water temperature up to 98 ¡æ. Bottom water to take flowers everywhere, there is a giant spring, gushing like columns, beyond the surface Chixu leisurely fall, forming a huge splash when open when the pavilion, truly beautiful, because of its high temperature, often with nearby villagers and evening visitors to the kitchen when the " stove " with, or slaughtered chicken, or butcher, taking place in boiling water, very convenient. Yunnan volcano tours to Tengchong. These hot springs, steam springs, according to the chemical extreme points, can be divided into carbonated springs, sulfur springs, sulfuric springs. Carbonate and sulfur springs area, lush vegetation, a green ; while sulfuric springs area, a length of about 80 meters, a width of 40 meters to the ground, steaming, hissing sound is full, bare surface gravel, grass, people afraid to get involved and become natural " restricted."

Nature is the most creative. Just leave it in the desert of Xinjiang grain juicy green grapes, as it is also constantly wetlands cotton rain shed no count Tengchong geothermal wonders, Bi soup sultry hot springs, boiling springs pour enthusiasm, spray clouds spit fog jet Springs all kinds, the list goes on. One of the most wonderful bathhouse when pushed embedded in the valley "hot Hatch concept ", where green hills, a water hit the headlines, in the range of 9 square kilometers, and dozens of hot springs Feifei milling around, without a break in time, transpiration in the valley hot steam between 350 years ago, Xu seen as generally filled ethereal, magnificent momentum "big roll pan ", glistening everywhere, " Pearl Spring," vivid "toad " emerald light moist "beautiful pool" wonderful, beautiful. More black volcanic rock that formed Wenguang Chuanzao Pavilion, setting people on the vault uprising leader Cheung Man-kwong unlimited thinking pregnant, so some people say "big roll pan" at Zhuangruo spring peony spray is CHEUNG's souls the technology. Atami personally feel is not only the skin moist, better understand where the vault of the human spirit. More strange is this cucumber Qing, bathhouse river, sulfur pond area sometimes happen, "Hill hum roar." August and September each year, where microseismic often, which is closely related to volcanic activity. According to the research, this area is shallow underground heat storage, thermal springs and raise the surface temperature increases with depth. Such as cucumber Qing Hot Springs, surface is 94 ¡æ, 4 meters deep underground, which amounts to 104 ¡æ. It thermodynamic cycle system groundwater temperatures may exceed 300 ¡æ.

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