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Hot Sea

Hot SeaTengchong hot sea 20 km southwest of Tengchong County, an area of about 9 square kilometers, larger air springs, hot springs total of 80, of which 10 hot springs water temperature more than 90 ¡æ, can be seen everywhere in Hot Springs in whirring spewing. World there are hot springs in many places, but like a wide area of Tengchong Atami so, as much as it is rare spring. Tengchong is one of China's three major geothermal areas, strong domestic rare high temperature geothermal Sheng vapors, hydrothermal activity. Territory boiling springs, gas springs, fountains, hot springs 88, each have several Quanqun hot hot outcropping, which is located in Atami high temperature geothermal areas of the county center. Its landscape, water temperature, poured out the highest amount of the county, there is " a hot sea " reputation as a national scenic volcanic geothermal area in one of the most important attractions. Atami most typical is the "big roll pan." It is more than three meters in diameter, depth of 1.5 meters, the temperature reached 96.6 ¡æ, day and night rolling boil, steaming seasons. In the bathhouse river, there is a geological fault zone and a roaring rivers cross to form a plunging waterfalls, here are a dozen hot springs, gas springs gushing out day and night, a blend of water vapor transpiration filled the air, smoke or fog. Atami now built more than nursing homes, bathrooms, and built a number of recreational facilities, visitors and tourists, daily treatment continued.

About Atami, there is a very beautiful myths and legends : In ancient times, this area Tian Han cold, the people miserable, there is a good old man experienced hardships, looking for ways to become warm, plump determined to make a place where. Later, his sincerity touched the gods, the gods gave him an orb to let him in her mouth, he suddenly felt unbearably hot, they quaff a few rivers, China Yunnan volcano tour to Tengchong and finally he made a change spit hot water dragons. He breaks all over the place where the feet, there is a countless hot springs. Since then, there will be warm seasons, sheep fat, harvest. From the geological point of view, the world is located in Tengchong attention Alps - Himalayan tectonic belt, in the Indian and Eurasian plates combined with a sharp amassed online. Special structure, making the underground fault magmatic activity in this region is very intense, geothermal hot springs in the release of helium and methane gas, indicating underground magma activity has not stopped, and there is a steady stream of volcano supply source, this phenomenon is a dormant volcano typical signs. So, Tengchong geothermal wonders, is the center of the flow of hot surface strata rising crust breaks down excitedly result of the eruption. Tengchong Atami not only has a unique landscape, but also on people's lives is very useful. Atami now built around more than nursing homes, bathrooms, amenities, visitors and tourists, continued treatment daily. There are many scenic home spa services, prices ranging from $ 3-20, however, can not take a bath in the big roll pan.

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