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Home >> Heshun Ancient Town travel guide and tours

Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun Ancient TownSheng teacher said : man 's hometown, is not limited to a specific land, but a vast incomparable mood. From space and time constraints, this feeling once aroused, is that you have returned to the homeland... the rainy season reaches Hwasun not an easy thing, for flights between Kunming and Tengchong from the delay probably will change into a cancellation. But perhaps because of this, this time extraordinarily few people of the town, we are like a trip to the line Fam trip, more like walking on the road home has a comfortable and well-being.

Heshun Ancient Town located 4 km southwest of Tengchong County, the ancient name " Yang Whedon ", there is lukewarm intended. According to legend, the name of rolls from " Shun River Township, township along the river, the river to the village before the off" from. After the "river Shun" Ya as " Heshun ", meaning there is harmony and smooth. Very idyllic town, especially in the early morning, when everything is not yet awake, but I have to go in camera to take on the bone CHEVY country roads... in fact, to think thoroughly before is little faint in the wild aspire, and did not make him think, do not ask hard, so with only a single micro intended to make some rice vegetables, then again after a good Rebates information small snack drink. But the window to see such poetry and the environment, it is impossible not to hear the sound of drifting clouds.

We live in the inn has a pair from Hunan retired old couple busy preparing for. They said that a few years ago to leave like few people here, so we rented a place to live down, Yunnan tour to Tengchong and later by their children for the design and RBI. "Choose a city his home and met a white man first " talk is probably met this bar. Gardenia exudes a tranquil small yard taste and they are friendly laughter time where precipitation fragrance. Town on the road is paved by the lava, said that such a stone water absorption is very good, even if the rain does not feel like the road slippery. Here and volcanic looking, with spa embracing, even with "China's first town," the name of the first, or still so quiet. Laundry Pavilion, a large platform and other ancient buildings in the country town is also unique. Information in this town have said rolls all the elements of the ancient village : the village of St. Paul established history, pond ducks swim is to live, Hawthorn in full bloom is understated and brilliant day, where cohesion is an ancient ancestral heritage morality.

In the town in the walk, you can go personally made ??an attempt to bring back a souvenir tea cake. We are catching up with Yula when passing a swift and therefore decided to take the opportunity to drink tea and rain do counterassaulted artists. Coincidentally, just collected from the production of tea we care deeply wanted a trip Jingmai mountain, suddenly there is more interest, thinking about a trip on which holidays the way ordered a new journey... Anne said : with life- faint dark and the place will eventually arrive... ah, the deep thought yes.

After the rain stopped the wind to live, do not dream vaguely feeling. Rain a sunny field, we turned over the book in the room... a few lines of verse on the book quietly reads: Ann shore here who sit in a boat -like from their sleep, and occasionally fish, and occasionally webs, occasionally holding a handful of green time...

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