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Home >> Songzanlin Monastery sightseeing guide

Songzanlin Monastery

Songzanlin MonasteryKarma Dan Songzanlinsi Yunnan's largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery , one of the famous big Kham monastery . Hut also known as normalized Temple , 5 km from Zhongdian county. The temple in the year 1679 (the eleventh Tibetan soil around distant shade Ram) constructed in the year 1681 (Yin Iron Rooster) completed. Fifth Dalai Lama pro- given name Karma Song Zan Lin Dan . Hailed as the culmination of the Tibetan style of art and Tibetan Art Museum .

Karma Dan Hut is a town the size of Castle group building, located 5 km north of La Ping Shan Buddha , the year 1679 is one of the fifth Dalai Lama and the Qing Emperor Kangxi Uighurian Thirteen forest . It is not only the largest in Yunnan Province Tibetan Buddhist monastery community , or in the vicinity of the Yellow Sect Chuandian center , known as the Little Potala Palace . Zhacang , Jikang two main temple was built at the highest point , ranking central temple . Odera blocks north to south , as five Tibetan carved building. Upper main hall gilded copper tiles , house corner beast kiss cornices , and a Chinese-style temple architectural style , the lower hall has 108 Genzhu Ying, representatives of Buddhist auspicious number. Hall can accommodate 1,600 people chanting instep seat . Around the walls of the Tripitaka rolls cabinet , the front seat main hall enshrines the statue of the Fifth Dalai subsequently lined with the remains of the famous monk pagoda . Apse for Tsongkhapa , Maitreya, Dalai Lama VII bronze statue , more than thirty feet high , straight-through top. Lacan eight middle there were various temples, Taoist temple , Khenpo room, quiet room , board room. The top floor is an ad hoc Vihara temple , dedicated to the fifth Dalai Lama , the Dalai Lama VII statues, and Bayeux roll , Thangka , ancient ritual objects . Songzanlinsi the many ancient treasures , there are eight gold statue of Buddha Sakyamuni fifth Dalai Lama and the Dalai Lama during the VII , Bayeux , multicolored golden juice painted Thangka , golden light . The whole temple collection Tengyur ten , of which two handwritten gold juice , and a variety of fine gilt or silver censer , years lights.

Currently there are monks Songzanlinsi 700 people, Yunnan Shangri-la tour divided into two categories Buddha and Zaba , except monks and Buddha outside the academic qualifications divided by Geshe , Georgia Lane , banjo , etc., according to the order of the division of responsibilities there Kamu mention , monk , incense chase, the first bar, then the British , and so on more than 10 kinds of dry grid positions .

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