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Home >> Shudu Lake

Shudu Lake

Shudu LakeShudu Lake is located in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan province north of Shangri-La County East, 35 kilometers from the county seat. At an altitude of 3705 meters, water area of 15 square kilometers. Kong Shudu Lake surrounded by mountains, the average temperature of 5.4 ¡æ, rainfall is about 580 mm, the rainy season in 6 and October. "Genus" Tibetan as cheese, "all" means stone. In ancient times there was an eminent monks'wandering to give him worship, and cheese, he sees is a gang Hu dairy cheese is very strong, like a stone, rejoicing, they wish: "may the cheese here forever like the stone fruit, hence the name" kong.

The Shudu Lake is all belong to the Potala National Park, Kong Shudu Lake is one of the county's largest Shudu Lake, the Shudu Lake is clear and bright, Yunnan tours to Shangri-La rich Shudu Lake "are all Schizothorax", golden fish abdomen has a crack, fish delicate delicious. Around the Shudu Lake is thick trees, the Shudu Lake there is a sheep and cattle ranch, full of Tibetan life. The Shudu Lake is also home to a large number of wild duck, water hyacinth, yellow duck and other birds.

Kong Shudu Lake surrounded by green mountains lush, Zhetianbiri primeval forests. East of the Shudu Lake into a piece of white birch forest, autumn is a golden. Yamanaka Oonsugi fir, tall and sturdy, against the clouds, crown green meticulous, can shelter from the wind and rain. Forest habitat of musk deer, bear, leopard, golden cat, barking deer, and other rare fowls and strange animals Crossoptilon crossoptilon. Kong Shudu Lake is a well-known Zhongdian ranch, where vast grasslands, lush plants, the annual spring and summer, flocks of sheep around the Shudu Lake, livestock shed tiny spots, exposure to the Shudu Lake, with green mountains, facing the green, cattle Qian little black, ears Mudi, people deeply feel the plateau who put leisure, The delight of life.

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