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Home >> Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Spot tour guide

Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Spot

Shika Snow Mountain Scenic SpotBlue Moon Valley resort (also known as Shika Snow Mountain area) is located southwest of 7KM at Shangri-La County, Napa Lake Nature Reserve in contact with the snow-capped mountains north, south and the Three Parallel Rivers world natural heritage one thousand hills resort adjacent to the east and Song Zan Dukezong ancient temple and the distant sea, the west is the mysterious canyon with surging Jinsha River, covers an area of ??about 65 square kilometers. Scenic stone highest peak elevation of 4449.5 meters Kasaan, Napa meadow lowest point 3270 meters above sea level, the relative elevation 1179 meters, almost inclusive Northwest Yunnan Three Parallel Rivers world natural heritage subalpine and alpine zone all natural vertical ecological landscape resources with solid.

Shika Snow Mountain cable car opened pilgrimage sightseeing public eco-tourism line, walking pilgrimage tourism eco-cultural tours, several features integrated ecological and cultural tourism circuit line and the village folk culture tours, and strive to meet all the tourist pilgrimage tourism, outdoor sports, soft adventure, trekking across, scientific investigation and customs involvement required experience. In the past, Shika Snow Mountain is the link connecting Tibet and Nan, and Jiang southeast region echoed the Yulong Snow Mountain, northwest and Meili Snow Mountain distant sea, is the Tubo period Yunnan Tea Horse Road into the Tibetan's first mountain. This mountain Tubo help achieve the harmony and Nanzhao, desire of mutual benefit, contribute to the Nanzhao princesses and happy marriage Tubo; this mountain helping generations of pilgrims and merchants bon voyage Tea-Horse Road , business is booming, making this mountain La beings living being, happiness and good.

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