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Home >> Napahai Lake

Napahai Lake

Napahai LakeNapahai nature reserve lies in the northwest of diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, shangri-la county, 8 kilometers away from the county area is 3125 square kilometers, 3266 meters above sea level flat lake water area of 660 square kilometers area, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the winter and spring season, the mountains of snow naqu river tits and so on more than ten river in shangri-la, a land of eternal peace and quiet to a splendid and full of mysterious temple xuefeng canyon lakes surrounded by forest quiet beautiful grasslands and herds of cattle and sheep xanadu, winding through the grass source injection Napahai hercynian yalla hard snow female foothills north of the nine has natural water hole, the flood through karst cave, from nessie soup with river flows into the Yangtze river during the rainy season the lake high eduction, the dry season the flood discharge most of narrowing the lake become a swamp and meadow.

Napahai nature reserve is one of the shangri-la scenic area most plateau characteristic, also is the county's largest grassland because Napahai nature reserve, humid climate, grass grow faster than similar regions, in May of each year, grassland spit buds, and Napahai is green grass shade at the beginning of June, various wild flowers blossom, the vast grassland, Joan artificial grass trying to outshine each other herds of cattle and sheep with grass sea ups and downs, like the vast prairie, Yunnan Shangri-La tour ups and downs in the sea is the wind blow grass low see cattle and sheep around the grassland scenery of the west stone card leaf card hard yalla three big mountains qiao ran upright snow mountain grassland cattle, sheep and camels in southwestern of the scenery.

Autumn and winter coming on, pristine grassland a piece of golden yellow mountains such as dai Bai Xuefeng reflection and lakes, this season, the black-necked crane leading wild goose yellow duck class gathers hereat, Napahai nature reserve is a national level of protection of rare birds black-necked cranes ideal habitat every year from September to march the following year, black-necked cranes perched about half a year. In this play roaming on the surface of the water grass, make the vast emptiness of grassland the other with a poetic Tibetan people love birds never hurt them, especially the black-necked crane, one thousand came to the protection of the Tibetan people, and people very close, often near the cottage tent on every side to stay for the night, with attractive people and coexistence.

Napahai northwest mountain, Austin is neither qin temple, the ancient ruins in the tall ancient trees lush, fragmentary broken temple, around the rubble from the land, the temple was built in the Ming dynasty, destroyed Yu Qingchu according to historical records, the temple is a statue of three zhangs six feet tall, strong figure of Buddha, who gravitate to visit of Ming dynasty traveler xu chivalrous man, was blocked by lijiang wood's tusi failing and regret step into old temple ruins, napa, panoramic view of grassland in the quiet and beautiful natural scenery in the tribute sites, do not have amorous feelings.

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