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Home >> Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow MountainMeili Snow Mountain, also known as Snow Prince, Deqin County, Yunnan Province is located 10 km north of the middle of the Nu River and Lancang River mountain range, with an average elevation of 6,000 meters above has 13 peaks. Known as the "Prince thirteen peaks." Kawagebo peaks up to 6740 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Yunnan. Meili Snow Mountain is a branch of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma gamma Guba protection of God. Like a majestic peak towering pyramids, hidden when the clouds awarded more snow on a veil of mystery. Known as the "Snow God" Kawagebo as "one of the Tibetan eight mountain," world-renowned.

Meili Snow Mountain gorgeous natural scenery, like gods of mountains, magnificent modern oceanic valley glaciers, forceful magnificent deep faults, vast woodlands, alpine flowers undefeated seasons, quiet and serene Tibetan villages, interpretation of heaven and earth great beauty. Meili Snow Mountain is a Chinese bio-climatic zones and preserved with a very clear and fairly complete region, Yunnan tour to Shangri-La is one of China's most abundant higher plant diversity in the world.

Kawagebo peak, the main peak of Meili Snow Mountain, the world famous "Three Rivers" region, altitude 6740 meters, is the highest peak in Yunnan Province, is recognized as the world's most beautiful mountains. Tibetan scriptures called "velvet praise Kawagebo" Chinese meaning "valley steep majestic snow peaks." In the Tibetan language meaning, the so-called Pilgrimage, not just the highest mountain, but collectively refers to the number of seats the towering peaks of Tibetan Buddhism, praise God Kawagebo legend Kagyu protection of God, the highest eight of the first Tibetan mountain.

Kawagebo peaks are six national key scenic spot in Yunnan Province "rivers flow" landscape. Panchen Lama had held a grand ceremonies before the peak, so far Stele erected leaving sites, for visitors to pay their last respects. Today Kawagebo or unmanned ascent virgin peak. Meili Snow Mountain Kawagebo the escort upright in religion as well as the beauty of the noble and sacred place attracts numerous foreign tourists and climbers. Ran Wei, from the twentieth century mountaineering activities since the previous large-scale invariably ended in failure. Therefore, the Meili Snow Mountain has served as a virgin peak.

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