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Home >> Baishui Terrace travel information and tour

Baishui Terrace

Baishui TerraceBaishui Terrace Sanba Shangri-La County is located southeast of white, village, 101 km from the county seat, elevation 2380 meters. It is due to the natural wonders of dissolved calcium carbonate formed in the spring, is the largest Huaquan platform. Naxi Dongba religion birthplace. Afar, Castle nestled in the shape Baishui Terrace really like layers of terraced fields, the sun shining, and photographic works are like solidified waterfall. One foot on the white stone steps, bleeding cool unspeakable fun.

Baishui Terrace Naxi language called the release Bu Zhi means gradually grow flowers, Baishui Terrace the fairy left field reputation. Baishui Terrace shape resembles a terraced fields, causes calcium bicarbonate is due to the water by sunlight, the water evaporates to form white deposits of calcium carbonate, and later continue to cover the surface and the formation of sinter ground. According to legend, the first Patriarch Dingbashiluo Naxi Dongba from Tibet to study Buddhist scriptures back, way Baishui Terrace be attracted their views, left to set up the altar to preach, so is the sacred land of the Naxi Dongba followers.

As early as in the Tang and Song era, Yunnan Shangri-La tour to Baishui Terrace area which has become a famous tourist attraction in western Yunnan. At the source of the Ming Dynasty stone walls engraved wooden Naxi high soil prefect of the title poem: Five hundred years ago a row monk, who ranks Buddha Morihiro ridge can Yunbo xuelang thousand, tens of thousands of Cheng Yu-ridge silver mound. not stained with dust stream songs, layers of Joan gushing constant coagulation, as the heart of the Yangtze Tian Yong, an expert of envy this superior. Springs station in the lower left side, there is a natural statue, white jade, shaped like a pregnant woman, the local people considered Reproduction of the Goddess. Eighth lunar month every year, the local Tibetan, Naxi, Yi, Bai, Lisu and other nations want to be Baishui Terrace festival to dance entertainment god, very rich ethnic customs. Baishui Terrace is an important tourist destination in Diqing plateau.

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