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Home >> Pearl River Source travel guide and tours

Pearl River Source

Pearl River SourceZhanyi County undulating mountains, rivers, beautiful scenery, rich in tourism resources. As the leading source of scenic Pearl River, the territory of the Pearl River source, Flower Lake, natural cave, Yulin Park, Kowloon toxic water, colorful canyons and other landscape each other, constitute the attitude of thousands of natural and cultural wonders. Three little snow in winter, seasons do verdant Pearl River source, with mountains, water, trees, caves, spend five advantages, in 1999 was listed as a national AA level scenic spots. Currently, the Pearl River Source Scenic has built the entrance area, the source area, recreation area, orchard area, sports area, forest area and the Origin of nostalgia area, which has seven scenic distinctive style utterly.

In the Pearl River source scenic, most unique spectacle is prostrate pine, prostrate pine is actually Huanan Song, Yunnan trip logically it should be tall, but in the horse -hung mountains, because of factors such as climate and altitude, it can only grow ground Fuzhao, Mimizaza dragons twisted trunks, this paradox of survival has become a major source of unusual landscape of the Pearl River. People entered the scene, a less than a meter tall, Prostrate loose smell of tripping people trousers, seems to be a thousand words to talk. People sympathize with it, and give it affectionately called a customer retention loose. Wild Bamboo is the most primitive horse male mountain areas, where lush forests, tall clumps of wild mingled show, unique in the century-old trees and old Teng wrapped around each other climbing areas, in stark contrast to the old and the newborn.

In the Pearl River source, you can declare a Guinness world record there in the world and the world of the first Chinese compass chess ; Expo ancient and modern, have Zhujiangyuan fine writing tablets ; bell curtain drums, ethereal echo source Temple...... just Usu enjoy nature, the Pearl River source described as the sky was clear, Shandai dense, wonderful spectacle to accompany silent like the way you can enjoy the infinite beauty of nature.

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