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LuopingLuo is foggy, damp, and the first two also in canola flower blooming season to the Luo, but confused fog like a huge white veil will be boundless Luo Bazi parcels, flowers and Feng Cong also are hidden again. This year, the Luo of rapeseed cultivation timing is controlled by the local unity, in order to effect a unified and open big, quarter on quarter planting delayed for nearly a month, in the past some years, during the Spring Festival the entire Luo Bazi is a golden one.

Our party gathered in Kunming, a live honestly. 229 km from Kunming to Luo, the entire highway plus a highway, via Yiliang, Stone Forest, Luliang, Shizong four counties. Luo line to the junction with Shizong Junzishan ago, all the way to sunny. Crossed Junzishan if into a chaotic world, between heaven and earth a mist, but the road on both sides of hills, ravines covered with canola flower, patchwork, very seductive. About 10:30 into the Luo Bazi, standing potou looked around the entire basin is a sea of ??flowers, no wonder the Luo people proudly called the " Oriental Garden." According to plan, take the opportunity to go before the opening ceremony of the festival organizing cauliflower main venue, then go to the northwest of the county town of Niujie, finally came to the county northeast of Jinjiling. These three places are usually scenic spots, have their own characteristics, are generally going.

The main venue on the edge of town, but also the direction from Kunming into the necessary place Luo, open terrain, fine weather can be seen standing height Kunming tour to Luoping county ; Niujie county town located about 10 kilometers north-west of the Luo Qujing husband leading the way through the town, along the winding road about five kilometers away looking down on to the top of the hill, rape field winding natural shape according to the terrain, so called "screw fields" ; Jinjiling in the county northeast, along the G324 national Road towards the direction of Guizhou Xingyi Just 12 kilometers to where you can see near, far many curvy, different attitude of hills lying quietly in the flower sea. Here was " Chinese National Geography " named " China 's most beautiful peaks," one of you will feel immersive her is well deserved.

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