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Home >> Duoyi River

Duoyi River

Duoyi RiverLuo Duoyi River, Lubuge area located at the junction of three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, and Guizhou Taguig City MALING national key scenic spots mountains and rivers. Luo Luo situated by the river 40 kilometers southeast of the county, the Great Mountain Peaks up by stockade into the area. According to a multi- walled area from the "chicken woo provinces," the three estuary, river length of 12 km there are nearly 40 waterfalls, ancient cross bamboos, rich colors, clear layer. Perennial water crystal clear, blue boundless. Especially in dry years along the river deep-rooted trees, as if that is a huge natural root carving art galleries. River twists and turns, Buyi village along the river and cloth, bamboo stilts between looming trees, tropical faction full screen. Sanjiang monohydrate, Qingjiang side drip, muddy water side stream eccentricities in this show.

Duoyi River is a beautiful river. Strait dozen acres of fast-growing forest is continuously, boundless expanse, a few scattered trees Panzhihua meantime, complementary contrast, red, green and affordable. Duoyi River like a ship plowed a white silver belt, jumping to the east, as it added a serene green ocean how many angry. River upstream riparian dozens of eye springs out cloth, often springs on the tree, the tree is water, Kunming tours to Luoping clarity and transparent, clear reflection back from a height overlooking, like a white beads inlaid on another gigantic dolphin emerald, enviable incomparable. Living on both sides Duoyi River are industrious and simple Buyi, at the river rapids, one can see the old disc waterwheel, turning hoarse squeak squeak hoarse, as if put people into a distant era. Duoyi River with their own unique and beautiful natural scenery, rich ethnic customs Park alcohol attracts thousands of tourists, calling people to return to nature.

Duoyi River three Area 23 major scenic spots, with a total area of ??43 square kilometers. Deep in the hillside of Lubuge power plant, a total of 18 layers deep, reaching 200,000 square meters, is located 40 kilometers south. Visit this modern "underground palace" power station, an eye-opener. Cruise tour for up to 20 kilometers Lubuge power plant reservoir "lion Gap ", " drip Ling Gap " and " double as the Gap ", along the cliffs, karst, plants, biological, cultural landscape, male, odd, insurance, show. The Village by the December three estuary Duoyi River area, 12 km long, there are numerous waterfalls and calcification calcification beach group. Kowloon River Waterfall Scenic Spot is located 20 kilometers northeast of the county, 4 km long river clouds with travertine beaches, cascading and waterfall, the largest waterfall in Kowloon first 56 meters high, 112 meters wide, spectacular. February to March each year, yellow canola flower blooming everywhere, when the Luo is another round of scenery.

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