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Home >> Cuanbaozi Stele tourist guide

Cuanbaozi Stele

Cuanbaozi SteleCuan Bao Son Stele is called So Jin Fu Jun Zhenwei General Jianning prefect cook tombstone Stele quality of sand. Qianlong forty-three years (AD 1778) unearthed in Qujing County, Yang Qi Tamura, 1852 relocated Qujing city, Qujing one existing in the Cuan Cuan Xuan Pavilion. Cuan - son as the first national key cultural relics protection.

Cuan Bao Son Stele Stele first semicircular, rectangular entire Stele was 1.83 meters high, 0.68 meters wide and 0.21 meters thick. The inscription total 13 lines of 30 characters. Stele trailing Title 13 rows, each 4 words, the amount of 15 characters, both positive book. Monument between Li Kai calligraphy embodies a style Clerical transition to regular script, to the evolution of Chinese characters and calligraphy study provided valuable information, which is very highly regarded calligraphy. In the history of calligraphy and Cuan Longyan monument and Cuan - son and called cook, the former because of the word more big Stele called big cook, this monument is called Little cook. March 1961, the State Council officially approved as the first national key cultural relics protection units, re-appropriation repairman built pavilion, reinforcement Beizuo.

Bao Son Stele inscriptions Department Cuan year too Hyung-year-old has been four years in the B (ie, the first year of the East Jin Yi Xi, AD 405 years), due to an order of the Jin prohibitions Stele, Kunming tour package the stone was minimal relative to the social a large number of popular Letters, ink, it is the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligraphy Beiban a Canruo stars pearl. 1778 unearthed in Yunnan Province, Nanning (now Qujing) since, namely the world by weight. Which is the border of Yunnan minority leader under the influence of Chinese culture, while glorifying the Han system to emulate. 13 meter monument regular script text lines, 30 characters per line, row after row official Title 13, 4 words per line.

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