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Home >> Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park tourist information

Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park

Mojiang Tropic of Cancer ParkInk tropic of cancer signs in the north of the park, located in east longitude 101 o41 '00 "of" north latitude 23 o26' 03, 61, is a melting popular science knowledge such as astronomy, geography, climate, plants and garden art, national culture, tourism as one of the geographical indication entity and tourist attractions.

The tropic of cancer is the sun in the northern hemisphere can direct to the position of the farthest from the equator, its latitude value of obliquity, is a parallel, at about 23.5 degrees north latitude. Every year the summer solstice, the sun point-blank maximum points in the northern hemisphere latitude, right now it is summer in the northern hemisphere, since the sun points south, gradually and consistently in the vicinity of 23.5 degrees north latitude and 23.5 degrees south latitude, near repeatedly between two parallel circular movement. Therefore, the two parallel respectively called the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.

MoJiang is the only of the hani nationality autonomous county, the tropic of cancer through the town, known as the "sun" place to turn around. The summer solstice of each to the summer solstice, the sun will direct the tropic of cancer, then turn around from north to south home slowly. Lived in the hani compatriots also forged a deep love, Yunnan travel guide with the sun at the summer solstice, they will use their own way to greet the sun's turn.

Built in 1997 marks the tropic of cancer park covers an area of 1500 square meters, astronomy, geography, plants and the popular science knowledge and garden art and tourism culture as a whole, to the position of the tropic of cancer in 2038 AD (north latitude 23. 26) as the main axis, cutting on the tropic of cancer, 500 meters to the road of "the sun", "KuaFuZhuiRi", "the door of the tropic of cancer", "dial square", "spring, summer, autumn and winter" architecture, sculpture, and main mark, and he found a vivid space series, expressed in the science museum's understanding of nature, life, sunshine, statement to the people from the long ancient cultural and scientific development of the world to this day, and through the technology to accurately display the location of the tropic of cancer and the change, make people every year the summer solstice, are available on the "capture" to the tropic of cancer. Can be conveniently mountain roam along the tropic of cancer people, to nature, blend in the bosom of the earth, the tropic of cancer winding roads, tree-lined, cicadas in the forest, birds branches, campus Settings have teahouse, children's entertainment, XiuXiTing, dietetic association, small commodity market, comprehensive services, etc. The visitor in architecture, sculpture, garden art and the popular science knowledge at the same time, still can enjoy pu 'er tea, MoJiang wine. On December 22, 1997 (winter solstice), yunnan MoJiangXian held "97 yunnan MoJiang chiayi, Taiwan conference on the tropic of cancer", Beijing experts, Taiwan scholars gathered MoJiang, increased ink tropic of cancer signs in the north of the park's popularity, as "provincial patriotism education unit".

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