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Home >> Qianjiazhai Stockade travel information and tours

Qianjiazhai Stockade

Qianjiazhai StockadeQianjiazhai Yiwulushan located in south-central Fort Rolls-Royce territory, in the northern town about 15 kilometers southwest of the city, only a kilometer away from the highway saddle sheep. There are one thousand Ming and Qing rumored to this refuge, both for safety, hence the name. Here is one of Yiwulushan four Taoist concept displace tact. The upper and lower chambers.

Qianjiazhai long road to commemorate the victory of the war the House of Joy lion sculpture: the entrance to the valley in Qianjiazhai, covers an area of 3200 square meters. Scale, glorious temples, monks live together, property quite good. There are three halls. QianDian five for God Ma Temple, Yunnan travel to the temple on both sides of a plastic horses and children. For the gate. A pair of mountain lions outside the door, 1.80 meters high, 1.4 meters long, 0.40 meters wide, to squat style, carving skills, attitude Levitra.

, The lower house of all the temples, road, room, clock tower and other buildings, were destroyed during the ten years of turmoil, the Republic of China is the only remaining "general worship Mother" peak two Duanbei, a pair of lions and edible residual wells, but the site is also clearly visible.

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