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Home >> Nayun Ancient Town travel guide and tours

Nayun Ancient Town

Nayun Ancient TownIn Yunnan Province Menglian County city, still preserved in China last Dai town - Nayun. Nayun town so far has been 700 years of history, Nayun that Dai inner city means. From top to bottom is the layout according to the registration order. Toast era, the city is the place where slaves lived and toast, the city officials and their families live, the city is under the residence subordinate officials. Which is located on the highest point of the city Menglian Xuanfuci Department in 1965 was listed as the provincial key cultural relics protection units, it is not only a witness to the history of the Dai also Menglian 14 native symbol of national unity and fraternity.

Na Yun Dai Han town houses are two different styles of ethnic Combination of buildings, in the eyes of the Dai people in Southeast Asia, is a sacred place, because the ancient Dai toast Yamen - MENGLIAN Xuanfuci Department is located here. Nayun by the three -city, two towns (on the lower side and Mount Gang Town, Mount parties take) components. Fang Fang Gang Mans Mans and take these two towns are stockade forestry officer and Orion live Menglian Xuanfuci Department is located on the highest point of the city, on the temple in the city also stands firmly in the vicinity Xuanfuci Department. An area of more than ten thousand square meters Xuanfuci Department of Yunnan in the Qing Dynasty Chieftain Government Office, also in Yunnan tour of 18 Yamen toast the best preserved one. With toast Yamen magnificent contrast colorful murals painted on the walls of a quiet leisurely temple, the hall, the historical record is legendary Dai.

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