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Home >> Leiguang Buddha Track Temple travel information and tour

Leiguang Buddha Track Temple

Leiguang Buddha Track TempleLightning Buddhist temple located in the northern part of the track Yongping town of La Mans Mans village of Lai King Community 2 kilometers Han Guan mountains over 1400 meters above sea level, as practiced in front of a large white rock cascading waterfalls, lush after the towering old trees. According to legend, Buddha had this missionary, leaving giant footprints in the fourth stone, Theravada Buddhism became the pilgrimage shrine.

Leiguang Buddha Temple traces a long history, according to Mr. Burman knife Yongping said Dai scriptures record, Dai Li in 1147 a man named Diego Pa Su column called (ie Buddha) monk, came from Yongping Dong Meng Meng Hom Lay Han Guan mountains, deep grass to see where Mao Lin, Ching Yau spring, flowers, that here is a wonderland Buddha, he later discovered in the depths of a broom seedlings covered marine Pa call (ie, four Buddha depress the foot trace fingerprints), four Buddha footprints in stone and pressed depressed are left palm print left palm, depress the same location, four footprints overlap, a few centimeters to move forward with a, footprints foot 1.5 m long, 60 cm wide, deep 3.5 cm, 20 degrees forward tilt. Heel footprints lifelike clarity. Palm print on the Cliff by the left and right sides as well as the Golden Rooster and Golden Peacock imprint, which according to legend was left behind to protect the Buddha arrangement Immortals guards. The Buddha that is holy in this development towards cents, so that people come to worship, Kunming tour package to pay tribute to Buddha Immortals. Once a year after they formed the North fairy festival.

Yongping Leiguang Buddha Temple trace the natural landscape and cultural landscape are relatively rich, historical legends, there are temples of ancient buildings. Its characteristics are: Castle surrounded by green, the abundance of water the air is crisp, four Buddha footprints conspicuous, magnificent temples, Xian Dai toward the Holy Land, and the high altitude and open, these characteristics summarized here and rich cultural connotations. People go towards cents, travel, time went near the Immortals holy mountain forests subject to a small Qing, is a good place to rest Xieliang, there are three to five meters high small waterfall, at the foot of the pond handsome. Legend of Buddha worship shall go on this pilgrimage to go wash the feet are clean, expressed admiration and devotion to Buddha. Then took 500 meters to the temple compound, where the people here will have a feeling Wonderland and refreshing mountain walk. It is said, who can trace to the temple to worship Buddha Buddha Leiguang accounted candles dripping chanting Buddha, Rural Social Context little money and he will get lifetime free disaster refuge, peace and prosperity, fortune thrive. There are three mountain spring water in the temple, is very rich in water resources, water quality, cool, pure and sweet, is called Buddha's holy water, spunk. Many people here have to bring a bottle home.

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