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Home >> Lancang River tour information

Lancang River

Lancang RiverLancang River originates in Tanggula, East King County inflows from Simao region, six counties throughout the region, the local flow over three hundred kilometers, and then flows through Xishuangbanna, Mekong, said outbound connection Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam five country to import the South China Sea, a total length of 4880 km. Dai said that this ancient river as " Southland Chapter," which means " elephant breeding million river." Riverbanks changing scenery, rugged peaks, "the old flowering stems, color flowers, " strangling plants" and other colorful plants landscape, full of mysterious color.

Lancang is our main artery connecting waterways Southeast Asian countries, the "Oriental Danube said. Lancang River waterway and establish opened Simao Port, offers for tourists along the Lancang - Mekong Water tours, conduct, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and other countries mutually convenient travel.

Lancang River, the mountain range area of important rivers originate in the Tibetan Plateau Tanggula, total length of 2354 km territory of China, the basin area 165,000 square kilometers, larger bed gap, choppy river torrents, crossed the dense rock, sparking one meter high waves, forming a channel rapids. Lancang narrow, acute, dangerous known. Due to the mountains scattered, surging rapids, then no Zhou Ji, the only tool that splits the river ages Liusuo, even caravan, lade, but also glided from Liusuo. Lancang River downstream dam and lake distribution conducive to agricultural development, especially in Yunnan Xishuangbanna tour, only three crops of rice a year, and for the Chinese move, the most abundant plant resources in the region, the economic value of one thousand kinds of plants, endemic animals such as gibbons, Asian elephant, Indian tigers, peacocks and other. China's animal and plant species, genetic resources are extremely valuable library. There Vesey large non-ferrous metal ore, antimony, and Lancang Lanpin large lead-antimony ore, copper and iron ore Yongping Xishuangbanna and so on. Lancang River Basin is up to regional ethnic Chinese minority, there Dai, Yi, Bai, Naxi, Hui, Tibetan, Lisu, Lahu, Hani and Han more than 20 nationalities.

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