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Home >> Mojiang Confucian Temple tourist guide

Mojiang Confucian Temple

Mojiang Confucian TempleTemple started in Qing dynasty mojiang reign (AD 1821), is the most ambitious scale mojiang ancient buildings, located northeast of the county's hills, hillside, by the door, Panchi, new building, five by the House, Chongwen Court, kuixing Court, Ling Xing Gate, stars doors, Xian temple, Ming Huan temple, east, west wing, the emperor Taiwan, Great Hall, apse and other buildings composed, using ancient China, such as hanging eaves and Xieshan two architectural style, the building imposing, compact layout, Yunnan travel key cultural relics protection units.

Department of longitudinal mojiang Temple courtyard buildings, there is the Peak Tower, kuixing Court, rooms around. Dacheng Hall, apse, with a total area of 7600 square meters. Hillside, the layers are connected, very majestic. mojiang Confucian Temple Dacheng Hall is the main building eaves Shanding, carrying beam wooden structure, majestic towering, Miankuo 5 20.5 meters, 14.4 meters deep into the building area of 295.2 square meters, with stone fence around the front of the temple useful emperor Taiwan temple, the middle of a Confucius tablets, carved with nine Beaulieu, lifelike.

His Highness mojiang Temple Great Court and Quebec Ken Tower, the four corners of cornices high tilt, great potential volley to fly, standing among the attic, condescending, Pingchuang overlooking the town scenery, south collect all green and other views fundus. Overlooking from the county up and saw layers of buildings, mountain, step by step on, very spectacular, the entire Temple is a hospital full of flowers, fresh air and beautiful scenery of the large garden, is that people for recreation, reading photography a good place.

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