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Home >> Ailao Mountain travel guide

Ailao Mountain

Ailao MountainAilaoshan in northern Yunnan subtropical southern subtropical transition region is mountainous Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and transverse junction of two natural geographic region, but also the climate zone boundary province and two east-west monsoon two types of landforms, is currently bring the same latitude as the world 's only well-preserved large areas of the original montane evergreen broad-leaved forest, as a national nature reserve.

Special and favorable natural conditions, so Ailaoshan become a huge gene pool of natural species germplasm become Yunnan " animals and plants " kingdom "natural museum " and " specimen garden ", is a variety of natural science comprehensive experimentally, is the ideal base for numerous scientific investigation and research disciplines, is to carry out scientific exploration, adventure, photography, research, return first choice natural forests.

Ailaoshan majestic tall peak elevation of 3137.6 meters of snow on the mountains in the territory of the pot Zhenyuan County. Bilaterally symmetrical cone-shaped mountain, Yunnan tours like a huge pyramid towering cloud of people, magnificent, magnificent scene. Ailaoshan whole region due to less hyper, mostly terraced terracing, which by the East River on both sides, especially the spectacular beauty, layer upon layer, and the crooked. Sprinkle spring seedlings, green in summer, golden autumn, winter like a mirror. Annual sowing songs season, do not have fun, the upper drainage of paddy fields, an inflow of a mound mound, like thousands of small waterfalls, slim and graceful, do not have a view. Ailao terraces, picturesque quarter after quarter, thousands of images.

Mourning Laoshan provincial scenic area, there Manwan, sadness labor azaleas Lake Ridge Wuliangshan weeds, large monastery, Jinping, fairy Walled six and stability to MANWAN line, with a total area of 160 square kilometers. The scenic area is located on the north and south due to the important geological boundaries of geography, pristine ecological demonstrate the unique natural scenery, making the landscape with the " magical Museum" in the world.

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