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Home >> Pianma Anti-British Struggle Ruins tourist information

Pianma Anti-British Struggle Ruins

Pianma Anti-British Struggle RuinsConstruction area of 950 square meters, 20 meters high monument, monument bodies on three sides by three swords and shield, symbolizing Han, Lisu, Nu solidarity Anti-British deeds. 1986, after the British annexation of Burma, the Burmese attempt to open up the corridor north to Sichuan, Tibet and mainland China. Guangxu years (1886), the British forced China signed a series of unequal treaties. Qing government corruption and the use of contractors envoys to pieces the horse and historical ignorance terrain, first fraudulently create chaos in the treaty, the threat of force to Gaoligong watershed demarcation of the Qing government, provoking a variety of incidents, and in Xuantong November 15, 2002 (AD 26 December 1910), the British 2000 yuren armed bullying accounted piece horse.

Among the pieces the horse crisis, the local people of all ethnic groups in each village headman led waged a tenacious resistance. They united a team of more than 100 people from Lisu, Nu, Dulong and Jingpo Dasan composed, wearing rain clothes, hand crossbow, poisoned arrows, long knives, spears and a few shotguns, in the virgin forest elusive to ambush the invaders, to the British invaders caused great casualties, forcing the withdrawal of Laguna. This team is the local people call it hygrophila soldiers.

1960, the two governments signed the Sino-Burmese border treaty, Yunnan trekking tours formally returned to the motherland piece horse. When in 1985, Comrade Hu Yaobang visited the Nu piece horse, horse highly valued piece peoples to fight invaders fearlessness recommended the construction of the monument, and the monument of the word title: Anti-British pianma people Victory Monument.

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